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What are the advantages of using roll up banners to promote your business?

Today’s businesses need well thought out advertising to get more sales and leads. Moreover, there are many advertising tools, but to advertise your business it is important to choose cost-effective advertising tools such as roll up banner.

Roll up banners are an ingenious way to advertise your business, but it has more advantages than other types of promotion. Roll up banners are marketing tools used by small, medium and large businesses as a tangible form of advertising. A roll up banner is mainly used for trade shows, company exhibitions or business seminars, but there are no restrictions on where you can use them. There are many ways to promote a company, product or service, but a roll up banner fits excellently into any category. This is because when you choose to promote yourself using a roll up banner, you get a lot of benefits in return.

Cost effective

One of the main reasons to invest in a roll up banner is cost effectiveness. It is one of the best investments you can make for your business. If your business is just starting out, you may not have a large marketing budget. You’ll find roll up competitively priced and be able to promote yourself at low cost.

Thanks to advances in digital printing techniques, roll up banners are a great option if you have a limited budget. They can be produced quickly and can be designed to fit a variety of different sizes. If you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy a greater return on investment, these banners should be incorporated into your marketing strategy.

Roll up banners are portable

A roll up banner is not heavy and is designed to be easy to manage and move. The base of a roll up banner is sturdy, yet easy to place from one place to another. If you need a roll up banner for trade shows or seminars it’s no problem as you can move it from one area to another. And if you need international promotion you can consider a roll up banner. It can be easily transported by car, train or plane so you don’t have to spend a fortune if you want to promote yourself when you travel to another country – you can take your advertising with you.

Attracting attention

Roll up banners can attract attention wherever they are placed. Although, you should have a well thought out design for your banner. Roll up banners are eye-catching and will make your business visible and promote it to people. A roll up banner will make your business stand out. Nowadays, with the improvement in technology, printing a roll up banner has become very convenient. You can have high resolution images with good graphics and design. Also, using good quality color prints for content is very attractive to grab people’s attention. If you need more effects, you can customise your banners, benefiting from a special roll up price.

They are durable

One of the advantages of roll up banners is their durability. If you find the right printing company and choose competitively priced roll up you will benefit from a quality product that does not fade easily.

They are reusable

Not many advertising tools are reusable. If you use advertising posters, they stick in one place. But when it comes to the roll up banner, it can easily be reused at any time. You can use the banner for different events, seminars, conferences and you can change its place if you decide that the original one didn’t work well for promotion.

They are attractive

It’s hard to miss an ad when it’s placed on a roll up banner. You’ll be able to grab people’s attention immediately and even if the text isn’t eye-catching, people see your company name and relevant images. If great colour displays and high quality content printing are used, your ad will stand out.

Can be used indoors and outdoors

Choose a roll up banner and you can benefit from both indoor and outdoor advertising as sunlight does not harm or fade the colours of the banner. Dust and dirt don’t affect their quality either, so you can easily place them anywhere you like.

Provides flexibility

There’s a wide range of roll up prices from which you can select different styles and sizes. You can choose according to need or preference. If you want a roll up banner with more content that describes your ad and immediately attracts attention, you should choose banners with a larger, double-sided display.

Takes up very little space

Have you ever seen roll up banners at various events? They’re vertical ads, which means they don’t take up much space on the side. If you don’t have a lot of space, choose roll up banner promotion to display your advertising message. This means you can advertise no matter how little space you have. Also, when packaged, these banners are compressed enough so you can easily transport them anywhere you want.

Easy customisation

Designing a roll up banner is like designing an advertising poster. You can easily customise the way it looks. There are experts – like us – who can help you through the process. Does your banner need an update? Has it been a while since you printed it and you want to change the information on it? You can even make such changes.

Stand out from your competitors

Show off your distinctive style with a custom roll up banner! It can be printed in any colour or size that best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive or more extravagant one, you’ll find roll up affordable.

Standuri POSM Display

Attract people to your store with POSM Display stands!

A POSM (Point of Sales Materials) display is a type of sales advertising in which goods are displayed near, next to or in a purchase location. Certainly, those displays are used for the purpose of drawing customers’ attention to the products and encouraging them to make purchases.

Types of POSM Display stands

You may find that there are a wide range of point of sale displays in stores, including:

  • Floor Display
  • Pallet Display
  • CHEP Display
  • Counter top display
  • Hanging display
  • POSM Displays special shapes

Why do you need a POSM Display stands?

The products on those displays are normally items that do not initially appear on customers’ shopping lists. Point-of-sale displays provide customers with an intuitive representation of products and the appropriate purposes for purchasing those items. Also, if there are certain products you want to promote, POSM Display stands will definitely help.

You can also strategically place low-cost products near the point of sale with the hope that, customers buy additional items. Unlike items placed on your shelves, customers only need a few seconds to decide whether or not they want to buy products displayed on POSM Display stands.

Why does POSM Display marketing work?

Most consumers make impulse purchases. The reason POSM Display stands are used is because they suggest a sale. If a customer already makes a purchase, they are more likely to feel comfortable buying additional, less expensive products.

That’s why displaying low-priced items near the cash register or store point of sale is such an effective way to cross-sell.

How do you make POSM Display stands?

Before making POSM Display stands, it’s important to consider a few questions:

What is the intent of the display? Will the display be part of a larger promotion, such as a “buy one get one free” offer? What kind of products will the display feature?

Who will be the target audience? An important part of answering this question is about understanding the type of store your display will be in. What kind of people are buying? What benefits of your product will appeal to that specific audience?

Where will the display be used? Will the display be on the aisle? In the middle of a wide open space? These questions will help you understand the size of your stands to ensure your display stands out and captures attention.

Products that can be used for POSM Display stands

Although any product can be displayed on POSM Display stands, it is recommended that proximity goods are the strongest. You can consider the following items, namely:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Sweets and chocolate bars
  • Chewing gum
  • Comic books and magazines
  • Tobacco and lighters
  • Single items
  • Products sold in bulk

Benefits of POSM Display stands

The advantage of POSM Display stands is that they can help increase overall sales by increasing the number of items purchased by a customer.

You can use your POSM Display stand to promote offers, accessories, supplies and any other items that may not have been on a customer’s original shopping list.

Things to think about when choosing POSM Display stands

  • Take risks
    • It’s good to use bright colours, large fonts and distinctive images. The aim is for these attributes to help you attract customers’ attention.
  • Present the benefits of your products
    • What benefits do customers get from using your product?
      • The opportunity to answer the question is at the point of sale display.
      • Highlight the benefits of buying something that would satisfy both impulse buyers and others who have been thinking about it for a while.

Make them unique

Personalization empowers every marketing campaign, and some POSM Display stands should be no exception. Of course, you can’t tailor your message for every member of your target audience. However, by using action-oriented language, you can make POSM Display stands suitable for your ideal customer community.

Location and product presented

For a POSM display to be effective, its location and the featured product must go hand in hand. Let’s say you’re displaying a shoe shine product. It wouldn’t make sense to place that display next to clothing, it would make much more sense to place it next to the product it best complements: shoes.


How do POSM Display stands fit in with the overall design of your store? Consider everything from your customers’ five senses to design concepts like balance and contrast. Understanding how some POSM Display stands can fit in with your overall visual merchandising will have a stronger effect.

Promote special offers

POSM Display stand marketing is also a great way to promote certain products or highlight any ongoing campaigns you have in store. Point of purchase is the perfect place to showcase products or signage for offers detailing specific discounts, new products or seasonal campaigns.

Your staff is just as important. They need to be knowledgeable about active offers and promotions so they can inform customers about them once they arrive at the checkout. Make sure you train your staff on ongoing promotions and suggestive sales tactics to help motivate them to buy.

Make the most of POSM Display marketing

Retail space is limited. While you don’t want to overcrowd the space, you definitely want to use the store to promote your products and generate more sales. And this is where POSM Display marketing comes in, which is extremely useful. You create additional sales opportunities and increase sales.


POSM Display stands are a good way to provoke impulse purchases. If you can buy intuitive and well-designed POSM Display stands, you can significantly increase brand awareness and boost your sales revenue.

10 reasons to use our indoor digital printing services

Design is an encouragement that inspires creativity and innovation for anyone, from any field, and with technological advancement in many fields, digital printing has fueled and empowered.

Digital printing has become an essential tool for marketing and advertising businesses because it has the ability to generate massive quantities of quality products. Digital printing is not only the new and modern way to expand your business, but what makes it even more attractive is the affordable price and continuous range of designs.

In recent years, more and more people are turning to indoor digital printing for their large format needs. This printing method has become increasingly sought after due to its many advantages over other forms of printing. Compared to other methods, digital printing offers customers high-quality, cost-effective options. Digital printing is becoming more and more affordable. This leads to an increase in creative ways to create interior decorations using indoor print-on-demand.

Advanced printing technology and printers offer unlimited capacity. Recent developments in industrial digital printing and finishing systems have opened up a new world of possibilities to create customized products for indoor print and windows graphics with impressive designs and unlimited color schemes to satisfy your desires.

This printing method comes with many advantages that will help you solve a variety of challenges:

1. Low cost

When it comes to indoor digital printing, the cost of digital printing is usually lower than conventional methods. Digital printing requires no intermediate steps. Because they print directly onto the substrate you choose, stocked substrates have no minimum quantities, allowing you to buy exactly what you need.

2. Easy change

The internal digital print allows modifications and manipulations of the designs and models until you are satisfied with the appearance of the product. If a sample is printed and the image is not satisfactory, it can be changed with minimal effort. Digital data is easily stored and updated, so designs can change to match the look you need for your project.

3. Image is everything

By choosing indoor print you will benefit from realistic photo quality and vibrant colors. You can also choose windows graphics, which add an aesthetic brand to any office, hall or shop window. You can emphasize your brand and expand your marketing strategy. When used in conjunction with other marketing strategies, window graphics can provide a sleek, professional, eye-catching storefront.

4. Coherence

Indoor digital print is accurate and consistent. Once the image is printed and approved on the desired substrate, the image is digitally stored and preserved for any future projects, remaining ready for reprinting and matching previous projects.

5. Variety

Digital printers with UV inks allow printing on a variety of substrates, and because they are UV stable, they have excellent color fastness even when used outdoors. Almost anything will fit in the printer. Thus, you can choose indoor digital printing that corresponds to your needs and budget.

Most inkjet printers can print on a range of substrates, from rigid media to flexible materials, without a drop in quality.

By choosing windows graphics you will attract the attention of passers-by and arouse people’s interest in your store. Design can highlight what you do in a creative way and can also be a way to attract customers. By showing your capabilities through design, you will reach your target market more effectively.

6. Adaptable

The beauty of indoor print and digitally printed windows graphics is that they don’t have to be permanent, addressing this trend of adaptability. Commercially, this flexibility is ideal for temporary restyling related to promotions or events.

7. Speed

Unlike other printing methods where there is extensive setup and preparation, when you choose indoor digital printing you will benefit from speed and accuracy. There are no pressing steps between the digital file and the final print, so the process is accelerated. Indoor digital print is a faster process than traditional printing because it requires minimal setup time. You can avoid those long waiting periods for the delivery of the ordered products.

8. No minimum orders and no print limits

As you know, traditional printers will require you to print a minimum number of prints or you will have to pay a high cost per piece if you want to print small quantities. Depending on your needs, you can benefit from complete creation and graphic design services, structural design, consultancy and technical support, creation of samples and mock-ups, assembly by your own team or specialized partners. Each indoor print made benefits from a guarantee depending on the media support and the desired application.

9. High quality results

By choosing indoor digital print, you will benefit from high quality colors and images, fine details and a variety of fonts. These are important because they capture the most attention.


10. You can print on various materials

The list of materials that can be printed on indoors is a long one. The range of finishes for indoor print is complete, so that it is possible to cover all indoor promotional products. Thus, the prints can be laminated with specialized foils depending on the purpose of the prints (mechanical protection foil for floor graphics, UV protection foil for window decoration, mechanical protection foil and UV rays for car personalization stickers, etc.). For self-adhesive stickers or various materials with irregular shapes (including rigid ones) you can use digital contour cutting, for banners and meshes you can use thermowelding, the application of metal staples, for light boxes you can use professional sewing of the perimeter silicone cheder, etc.

Ambalaj carton

The quality of the packaging you use speaks volumes about your business!

When you’re looking to start a new business or looking to improve your current business, there are a lot of things to think about. One of the most important aspects of any business is the product itself. You need to make sure you have a great product that people will want to buy. But it’s not just the product that matters, the packaging is also very important.

Most studies show that a third of your customers’ buying decisions are based on how your product packaging looks. This means that a large proportion of potential customers could lose interest if the packaging doesn’t grab their attention or convey your brand message well enough. Packaging therefore plays a very important role in marketing your brand.

Packaging can support your brand by communicating your brand values and create recognition – all factors that ultimately influence your sales. Therefore, you have a lot to gain by choosing carton packaging as part of your marketing with a well thought-out packaging strategy.

What is the purpose of carton packaging?

Carton packaging is highly adaptable and has a wide range of applications. The main purpose for carton packaging is to effectively protect goods or products that need to be shipped, stored or handled. This is a broad definition for carton packaging as it can be used to store a wide range of items, from electronic goods to household items.

Cardboard packaging as a marketing tool

The product is, of course, important because it is the core of your business. Consumers have increasingly high expectations of products. Your brand will only remain relevant to consumers if you can stand out and communicate your values.

Consumers see cardboard packaging as something that should surprise them, create excitement and maybe even be eco-friendly. It is no longer enough to market your product as the best. Packaging must also tell a good story.

How important is packaging when it comes to marketing your products?

Packaging is a critical factor in the recognition and perception of your brand. Most consumers form their brand perception based on cardboard packaging. Sometimes carton packaging is almost as important as the brand itself. Marketing your product is very important and can say a lot about branding, and if so many consumers base their brand perception on carton packaging, it becomes clear how much it matters.

From a marketing perspective, a carton pack is extremely important. Your customers may end up recognising your brand better and there’s also the opportunity to share their good experience with other consumers. In this way, you can create customer loyalty and have a special relationship with your customers. Customers can share their positive experience with your brand with others. In this way, you will benefit from excellent promotion of your products by your customers themselves.

You can choose personalised carton packaging, communicating meaningful brand messages. Packaging can give customers a unique experience when they receive and open your products. That’s why you need to see carton packaging as more than just a practicality, and instead start seeing it as a way to market your brand. When you choose great cardboard packaging, you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers. Most shoppers find that cardboard packaging has an impact on their perception of the brand and that customised cardboard packaging makes the brand look more luxurious.

How to use cardboard packaging as a marketing tool

When using carton packaging as a marketing tool, it is important to personalise the packaging experience by carefully selecting the type of carton and its quality. Customised packaging aims to add value to the customer and create a positive first impression of your brand.

There are many practical things you can do to create great cardboard packaging that will help you promote your brand. This can be anything from the design and look of the packaging itself, to things you can add to your carton packs such as stickers, a personalised note or your company logo.

You can use both the inside and outside of your packaging in your marketing. This can help highlight the benefits of your product. Why not take advantage of the importance of cardboard packaging and highlight your products? You can add text, graphics and customise them as you wish.

Create a well-thought-out packaging strategy

Instead of thinking short term, a carton packaging strategy can help you think long term and achieve high value. After all, a marketing strategy also means having a clear goal. Make carton packaging a meaningful part of your marketing. With carton packaging you can support your brand identity and it will be much easier to think of packaging as a marketing tool.

From a marketing perspective, a good strategy and quality carton packs can:

  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Influence customer brand perception and purchasing decisions
  • Strengthen relationships with current and potential customers

Choose quality cardboard packaging

Creating a great customer experience with carton packaging is a complex task. That’s why a well thought-out packaging strategy is so important.

Consider the following:

Carton packaging should match your company’s visual identity and aesthetic (e.g. logo, print, colours, etc.).

  • Conveys your company’s messages
  • Reflect your company’s values, mission and vision
  • Be different from the competition and reinforce brand recognition
  • Optimise the overall customer experience.

Talk to our carton packaging specialists if you are looking for the right material for your packaging requirements. You’ll find a wide range of packaging materials and carton packaging solutions that are versatile and recyclable and, most importantly of all, environmentally friendly. You can find an innovative yet effective packaging solution to meet all your requirements, from plain carton packaging to customised packaging solutions.

Include personalization services in your marketing strategy

If you own or run a business, you know how important proper marketing is. Without the right marketing and advertising techniques, people won’t know your company exists and your business will suffer.

The importance of marketing remains the same from the time you start your business until you decide you want to retire. From the first moment you are open to the public, you must make your presence known.

There are several ways you can get continued exposure for your brand and promote your products. Even when we live in the digital age, printed products are relevant and useful. This especially applies to banner ads, large format print, roll up and custom stickers as they represent cost-effective exposure and brand recognition.

The importance of advertising banners for your business

Banner ads play a major role in brand awareness. People remember and trust the brand they see everywhere. These days, ad retargeting allows your target customers to see your ad wherever they go.

More visibility and more sales

By choosing banner ads, customers will notice them instantly. The offer or product they are displaying gets noticed and this definitely increases sales. Interested customers will act on this and even if they don’t buy the product, they will remember your banner.

It helps you build your brand

It is very important to inform your customers about your product to make it a brand name that people can recognize. Therefore, they have to be informed about it countless times, until they become aware of it. Banners can help you in this regard, because you can promote your product in different places and time periods. People will still notice your brand name and logo and, over time, will begin to associate it with it.

Large format print as a marketing strategy

Large format printing is a great way to advertise your product or business and make sure your ad is definitely noticed. Companies use this tool to increase brand exposure. When you’re looking to advertise your products or services, the options are endless. Today, more and more people come to realize the benefits of large format print. There are companies specialized in large format printing, using state-of-the-art printers. Large format printing has evolved enormously in recent years and thus you can benefit from the best services. Large format print mainly focuses on generating brand recognition as it gets your company name seen by a large number of potential customers. The visual advantages of large format print should not be underestimated, especially when it comes to making goods and services more attractive to potential customers. In any marketing campaign, graphics are always important. This attracts attention and generates consumer interest. Colors, logo and other visual elements are key components in this equation. To remain effective, these elements must be faithfully reproduced and 100% realistic.

The benefits of roll up banners for your business

Roll up stands are a great addition to any marketing plan. When you want to promote your business, you can opt for different media. It is always good to choose an effective way to promote your business at an affordable price. One of these means for promotion is roll up banners. They offer a lot of audience interaction at an affordable price. The roll up banner is among the most flexible and compact. It is easy to transport and can be used in any place you want to place it. In addition to this, there are other additional advantages such as:


The roll up banner can be customized. Advertising projects will be based on what you want and need. The companies specialized in roll up banners will realize the projects according to your requirements and needs.


Roll-up banners are attractive and cannot go unnoticed by people. High quality images with shiny appearance will make the banner attractive. You can also use color combinations for more attractive banner printing. These features will make your banner stand out.

Why are custom stickers also important for your business?

Custom stickers are a mainstay of advertising campaigns, especially since they are durable, attractive, customizable and cost-effective. Digital printing technology gives you almost unlimited design possibilities for custom stickers, and you can order finished projects in bulk at a relatively cheap price. The stickers are small and compact enough to hand out at your main business location, local fairs you attend, or other special events.

You can also add personalized stickers inside or outside the company, just to stand out. Stickers put more emphasis on branding when applied to goods and services. When cleverly combined with other advertising activities, such as advertising banners, roll ups or other large format print materials, you can have an ingenious way to draw attention to your business.

Design options for custom stickers

Design versatility is another major benefit of advertising stickers. Traditional stickers have a narrow rectangular shape, but you won’t be limited to this shape at all. You can find a wide range of creative possibilities, including sizes, color combinations and graphics. You can incorporate your company logo and selected colors into a sticker design, and they can be adjusted according to the size and shape you want to use.

Achieving the quality and effectiveness of your print marketing materials is about more than just looking good, it’s really about your results. If your custom promotion services are going to be effective, then you will have products and services that sell. Both from a practical and aesthetic point of view, print large format, the use of advertising banners and roll up, personalized stickers are the best choice in the production of materials that will keep your business thriving.

Why use a printer for customisation services?

Product customisation is key to successfully serving your customer base. Not all people want the same thing or use the product in the same way.

Customization is key to providing a unique experience to each user segment and can build customer loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Personalized marketing ideas add an aura of professionalism for retailers and customers, as they tend to attract creative and professional things. That’s why business people create a permanent brand through custom digital print services that are seamless and creative to inspire customers.

Looking for a way to break through the communication barrier between you and potential clients? In today’s digital age, it’s easy for your target market to become saturated with online ads and email marketing. It’s time to take a different approach to reach your goals and that’s ad production.

Still not sure if investing in ad production is right for you? Below are a few reasons that highlight the importance of ad production and why you should turn to a print shop for personalisation services.

Not all clients are the same

Whether you sell a physical product or online software, your customer base has different wants and needs. Remember that all customers are different and it’s essential to create a product that appeals to as many people as possible. That’s why it’s important to turn to a printer for customization services.

Create a different kind of personalisation

When it comes to advertising production, personalisation is the most important integral part of printing banners, roll ups, totems, even custom boxes that fit your company’s identity. Success and impression depend entirely on brand vision. Quality finishes, colours and inks play an important role in designing advertising production that would appeal to potential customers. However, the logo, company name and other marketing details are also important to create awareness among people.

Invest in safe methods

In short, our designers and producers are dedicated to providing custom large format digital print printing services and serving your business with high-quality branding ideas. High-quality stock is used that serves to protect the integrity and positive perception of your brand. This way, you’ll increase customer loyalty and make them understand your position in the competitive landscape. Now you can carve your niche and promote your products through state-of-the-art marketing.

Print is tangible

Posters, banners, custom boxes and other printed materials are physical items. These items can stay in offices or homes for months or even years.

Longer exposure time

Thanks to the fast pace of the internet, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising messages. This makes them desensitized to such messages, as they start to block any ads they keep receiving. This is not the case for advertising production. The long exposure time of printed materials helps to maintain user exposure.

Customised ad production will get your brand noticed

Marketers know the science of having a well-recognized brand, and choosing large format digital print and other branded materials will be a great way to establish your brand. It allows you to bring the aesthetic qualities of font, colour, images and texture that help establish brand recognition.

Advertising production helps you to be visible to your target market

Designing and placing custom banners and ads in places visible to potential customers can help you reach your target audience, whether it’s a niche market or the general public. Using demographics, you can strategically place your advertising output in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right audience.

Don’t forget custom boxes

Advertising production can also mean designing boxes with your logo and name so that they can be easily recognised by customers. That’s why you can order custom boxes with your company logo as a packaging solution. The logo on the boxes is important. Not only does it make a memorable impression on customers, it also allows them to learn more about your brand. Custom boxes increase the aesthetic value of a company and also pave the way to attract new customers.

Branding and marketing are important for anyone who wants to make a name for themselves in the marketplace. Custom boxes with your logo help you promote your brand. As more and more people see your boxes, they will become familiar with your brand. Such advertising production is an inexpensive way to build your identity. Most brands are only known for their logo or slogan. Custom logo boxes allow you to stand out from the competition.

People are surrounded by different consumable products and these products are wrapped in boxes. Packaging is an essential part of any product as it provides information about it. Be it food or cosmetics, details of manufacture, expiry and batch number are printed on the packaging. These details are necessary for the consumer. In addition to the information, the clear, high-quality printing adds to the overall appearance of the finished product. It is part of the brand and creates the reputation of the product. That’s why customised boxes and impeccable printing technology are used to prepare the finished product.

Every company tries to achieve exponential growth in its business. For this purpose, many effective methods are adopted, one of which is choosing a large format digital print printer that meets their requirements. Advertising production is considered to be extremely beneficial for product manufacturers in this regard. This is because they have many outstanding features that will benefit you. Advertising production can be customized keeping in mind your requirements.

Top performance equipment

We have always believed that the true value of a product can only be obtained by choosing the most efficient and effective solutions. Choosing the most optimal and suitable methods according to the level of difficulty, accuracy, as well as other vital information that constantly changes according to each client we work with has always been a priority for us. In meeting both large and minimalist projects, we have invested in the machines we choose to use, as well as the necessary instruction for each separate software that comes with the printers.

So, in order to be able to reproduce colors and images at a higher quality, which maximizes the quality and appearance of the final product, we use many types of printing ink, as well as a series of specialty printers.

Each model brings different advantages, suitable for the most diverse and ambitious projects, offering a variety both in the format range (large, wide) and in the advantages they present. Whether eco-solvent ink, water or UV, our promise is to always realize any concept, offering the right solution.

The printer with latex type ink, namely the HP Latex 375 model, was introduced to the number of our machines starting from 2019, reducing the costs for ink consumed by up to 40%, thanks to the toners specially created to be able to support up to 3 liters.

With a production capacity of up to 35,000 square meters per month, it is often used for prints that require more stability, perfectly harmonized with the flexibility of latex that also acts as a protective, scratch-resistant layer. It allows both automatic double-face alignment and direct alignment on synthetic and natural textiles.

At the same time, in 2019 we introduced the Soljet PRO4 XR640 model to our equipment list. Named as the fastest and widest printer-cutter available on the market today, its print quality and versatility allows the combination of cutting and printing functions for flawless results. Working on the basis of eco-solvent ink, it is resistant to UV rays, the colors being protected for a period between 3 and 5 years after the lamination process. With a production capacity of up to 25,000 sqm per month and enabling perfect contour cutting, it offers 8 shades of metallic colors: CMYK + Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and Metallic Silver, perfect for printing Roland DG applications.

Both the 110cm CANON 8400 model with an 8-color area and 2 copies of the CANON 8400 S model with 12 shades were installed this year, with a production capacity of up to 45,000 m2 per month. With the largest number of colors available for a large format printer, it provides the largest color gamut as well as the highest level of print fidelity.

Using odorless water-based ink, it is completely safe to use in any indoor environment such as nurseries, clinics or offices. Thanks to the photo quality, the resolution of 2400 dpi, it allows the printing of all high-quality fine art works, following the same contour cutting system as the Soljet PRO4XR640 model.

Offering superior quality, another main printer is the Fuji Acuity HS Advance that was installed in 2019, being considered one of the most versatile and complex flatbeds, with a varied range of functions and unique advantages. With a production capacity of up to 30,000 sqm per month and 6 colors (CMYK + Double White), it offers a level of photographic quality for any design.

This UV ink based printer can print on any material both rigid and flexible up to 2″ thick (PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic, corrugated board, aluminum composite, wood, stone and many other materials ). By means of this type of printer, it is possible to render flatbed UV print applications, or any products that require special UV ink.

Another important aspect is the certifications required for the use of various printing machines. For example, the Fuji Acuity HS Advance, HP Latex 375, Roland Soljet PRO4 XR640, CANON 8400 and CANON 8400 S printers require PANTONE certification, a rigorous process that analyzes every aspect of the printing mechanism, from design to ink type preparation appropriate. It is the only certification process dedicated to perfect and standardized production, which proves that we constantly aim to maintain the highest standards. Another important certificate is the Fogra one, which we are in the process of implementing at the moment!

Whether indoor or outdoor signage, collective or large format product packaging, industrial components or touch panels for machines, with the help of our partners and suppliers such as Profi Print and Art Match we can use any material available on the Romanian market. And with the help of our cutting machine ESKO KONSBERG X, the most modern digital finishing model, precision becomes the rule.

For each project, idea, or simply personal projects, we choose the right solution for you!

Pe un banner roll up se poate imprima aproape orice

Are you looking for good value roll up banner solutions in Bucharest?

Roll up banners are useful marketing materials that can not only drive potential customers to your company, giving them an insight into the products and services you offer, but also entice them to buy.

A common misconception about roll-up banners is that they are only useful in trade shows, however, they are used in a variety of ways to accelerate marketing campaigns. For example:

  • Places where people stand in lines.
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms.
  • Conferences, seminars and other events.
  • In-store promotions.
  • As promotional material in strategic partner premises.
  • You can think of endless ways to use the roll up banner, depending on your marketing strategy. And there’s no denying that this type of marketing material is a great way not only to promote products and services at events, but also to make an impact on customers in-store.

The reason why a roll up banner is so useful is that it has a lot of benefits namely:


Almost anything can be printed on a roll up banner. The whole space is like a blank canvas that allows you to be creative. You can use any colours, design elements and graphics. Since the banner plays a vital role in attracting the attention of your target audience, it’s important to make it as appealing as possible. In addition to the visual elements of the brand message, it is advisable to add the company logo, any promotion or product features. To make your print come alive, invest in quality products at good prices for the best results.


Roll up banners are lightweight, which means transporting them will be easy. You won’t need help getting them from one place to another, even after they’re set up.
Roll up banners are compact so they’re ideal for use at conferences, conventions, exhibitions and trade shows or anywhere you want to promote your business. This portability is also an on-site benefit, as they can be easily moved from one area or room to another of the venue.
You can also use a roll up banner in places where space is limited. Because they tend to be tall and narrow, they require very little floor space, so are a real advantage at business events or exhibitions. These same characteristics also make them an ideal alternative in areas where wall space may be limited.

Easy to use

Unlike other types of banners, a roll up banner is extremely easy to assemble and anyone can do it. When the event is over, the banners are easy to take down. This means you can easily store them in their carrying case and they will take up little storage space when not in use.
So if you have an upcoming marketing campaign that requires maximum impact at low cost, a roll up banner is the right choice. Global Print Printing offers you the best quality at the best price.

It’s appealing

A roll up banner is great for an event or a place where you want to attract people’s attention because it’s immediately visible. A well-designed banner will stand out wherever you display it and attract potential customers to your stand/table at an event. Roll up banners can give potential customers an insight into the service or product you are promoting. They can be printed in full colour and display a variety of text, images, logos or quality printed graphics.

It is durable

Roll up banners are designed for repeated use. When well cared for, a roll up banner will truly stand the test of time. There are different styles of roll up banners to choose from, depending on your specific needs. You should consult a professional roll up banner printing company for more details.

Low cost

If you haven’t explored roll up banner marketing in detail before, you’ll be surprised to learn that a quality roll up banner is less expensive than you might imagine. Roll up banners remain one of the most economical options for display advertising. These types of banners are extremely cost-effective and won’t affect your marketing budget, unlike many other methods of promotion.

Brand promotion

Large print formats, such as a double sided printed roll up banner, can be seen and noticed from a distance, this allows your business to be recognised by a wider market. When you use the roll up banner at an exhibition, event or any other event, it is guaranteed to attract the attention of customers and gives you the opportunity to advertise and increase your sales.


If you choose to buy a quality roll up banner and take care of it, you can use it for a long time. Make sure that after the event is over you put it away, clean it and wrap it properly. It would help if you store the banner in a safe place. To make sure it lasts longer, invest in high quality roll up banners.
Roll up banners are ideal for any company, no matter what your marketing budget. Global Print is a Bucharest-based company that never says no to a challenge, we are experts in the field of digital printing and can undertake any project, no matter how big or small, with fast, reliable and convincing results. We would like to say that we can print on any material. We’ll work closely with you to make sure all your needs are fully met so you get the best results.

Scopul producției de materiale publicitare

Want to advertise? Find out how advertising production can help you!

Thanks to the evolution of technology, companies today can rely on several complementary advertising methods to reach their target audience

Marketing through ad production is a great way to attract potential customers, create and boost your brand and gain visibility. Print marketing helps you leave a lasting impression on customers in a natural way that sparks interest. You can attract and engage your target market through your advertising production materials. They make all the difference when it comes to lasting impressions for your business.

The aim of producing advertising materials is to deliver a specific message that gets a response from your audience. Quality print marketing is a key component of the success of your marketing strategy.


Ways in which print production advertising can help you

When it comes to designing a marketing strategy, print production advertising plays a crucial role. Here are a few ways your choice of advertising production can influence your target audience.

Print is a sensory experience

One of the main reasons your business still needs print is that it appeals to the senses. Advertising production helps you cement your promoted message in the minds of your audience in a way that digital promotion cannot.

While people face an almost constant bombardment of ads from the internet and other digital media sources. When people see a well-designed ad production, they will have a stronger impression. The ability to see a memorable ad will create an experience that most people will remember. Use ad production materials to help your customers remember your business.

Print builds brand credibility

In addition to the sensory aspects, ad production materials are generally considered more credible than digital ones. Promotion through advertising production increases public perception of your brand.

There are companies that can spend a lot of money to build a website, or to expand their market reach on social media. However, they may still fail to establish the kind of credibility that builds brand trust. Part of the reason for this is that the internet is cluttered with false and misleading information.

Surely you’re just as concerned about retaining customers as you are about gaining new ones. Loyal customers help you sustain your business and will be able to recommend and refer new customers to you. Through advertising production you can build a loyal customer base. You can be creative with your printed materials and help your customers feel appreciated. They will reward you with loyalty and increased business.

A company or product logo is the perfect image generator for a business and should appear on all advertising production materials.

Advertising production reaches people in a unique way

People interact with print advertising in different ways to digital advertising.

Consider these current trends in marketing:

  • Customers are spending more time examining print ads.
  • The amount of information a customer absorbs is greater with print ads.
  • The emotional reaction after reading a print ad is much greater.
  • Consumers are willing to spend more after viewing a print ad.
  • People unconsciously see advertising production products as valuable.

Advertising production is affordable

Print marketing costs less than digital marketing. Whether it’s banner ads, lightboxes, advertising totems, posters or any other ad production materials, they trigger consumer action, which can lead to promotion of your product and higher sales.

Most companies use a variety of promotional methods to help increase business sales. While each advertising method has its unique benefits, quality printed advertising production materials still offer the highest return on investment of all forms of marketing.

Audience demographic targeting

There is a misconception that print advertising does not target a specific audience. It is true that technology allows companies to refine their marketing efforts on digital platforms. However, a thorough research and marketing strategy is designed to reach a target demographic in print advertising through ad production.

For example, a company can create a social hashtag or use a unique promotional number or tracking code to monitor the success of the marketing campaign. A company can also set up a QR or customer survey to determine the effectiveness of a particular strategy.

Unique placement for ad production

Ad production allows you to choose the exact location where you want to position your ad. Choosing where to position your ad production materials will ensure maximum visibility.

Long-lasting promotion

Unlike ads available online, ad production lasts much longer. Various types of advertising production such as banner ads, totems, posters, lightboxes and more can be on display for months. Companies that use advertising production printing can expect their messages to last longer. You’ll benefit from promotion 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Anyone can choose advertising production

From multinational companies to small entrepreneurs, print transcends all forms of marketing, regardless of age, gender, race or any other factor. One strategy that further enhances print performance is personalisation and variable data. Choose advertising production because it can be customized to your specific requirements.

Invest in advertising production materials

As you think about your annual marketing budget, don’t forget about ad production. To get an analysis of your business’s print needs and decide what type of advertising production will work for you, contact us! Global Print has a wide range of advertising production products to help you promote yourself while targeting your customers, helping you achieve your goals.

De ce să alegi totemuri publicitare?

Do you need advertising? Find out how advertising totems can help you!

Advertising totems are indispensable signage systems for businesses. They attract attention and also offer the opportunity to create a completely unique impression and expand your company’s image.

An advertising totem is a free-standing display that allows you to display information, graphics, videos and advertisements in almost any space, both indoors and outdoors. This versatile signage solution is incredibly stylish and can be placed in any location will have the greatest impact for your needs.

Why choose advertising totems?

The new year is the perfect time to reflect on the previous year’s efforts for any business, especially advertising and marketing efforts. New strategies are formulated, business goals are outlined for the rest of the year and you have a budget set for promotion.

As business markets become increasingly competitive, advertising continues to progress at a relentless pace as more and more companies seek to stand out.

Advertising totems offer an elegant solution to indoor and outdoor advertising requirements. As well as being relatively simple to install and maintain, they could prove to be a cost-effective method of long-term advertising.

Who can benefit from advertising totems?

Advertising totems are used by a range of sectors, particularly the customer and retail sectors.

Some common locations for the installation of advertising totems include:

  • Outdoor environments
  • Public areas
  • Car parks
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping complexes
  • Drive-Thru Facilities
  • University campuses
  • Museums

One of the most important factors in any form of digital display, whether it’s advertising or information, is your brand identity. Below are a few reasons why choosing advertising totems is right for your company:

Gives you visibility

Placed along busy streets, in various bus stops, inside shopping malls or shops, advertising totems can be noticed by all people passing by. Most people walk the same route repeatedly, some of them going to work every day, others shopping, etc. This means that they will see your advertisements regularly, which makes your advertisement stick in their minds for a long time. This will be recorded in their photographic memory, so they will remember your company for a long time. On the other hand, there are several sizes of advertising totems and if you choose a large format it will be impossible not to be noticed, thus helping to strengthen the presence of your product, your brand message in the market, as you reach many target groups at the same time.

Customised placement

Another advantage of advertising totems is their personalised placement. You can place your advertising totem wherever you feel it will have the greatest impact. This can be a great advantage when you have a business you want to attract traffic to. You can also use advertising totems in areas where it is difficult to reach people. One example is rural farming communities spread over long distances. By placing advertising totems along one of the main roads around the community, you will increase your visibility. Placing advertising totems serves as a directional guide for potential customers.

Brand recognition

Totem poles are a great way to increase brand awareness. Because people walk past advertising totems so often, every time they see the same image, it sticks in their mind. The more people see the advertising totems, the stronger the association becomes in their minds. When they need a service you offer, they can take advantage of their memory and connect with your company. So, advertising totems are a great way to share a quick message about what your company stands for, promote your brand and share different promotions.


Having advertising totems means your message is always on display. No matter what time of day or night, someone could drive past your displayed advertising totem and find out about your business. This way, you benefit from round-the-clock advertising.

Practical advantages

There are advertising totems that can be fixed to a wall or displayed on the ceiling, but there are also unique advertising totems that can be placed on the floor, indoors or outdoors, occupying a prime position where they are most likely to achieve maximum impact. Advertising totems should be strategically placed to your advantage to achieve the best possible results in terms of interaction and engagement and your target audience.

Low cost

The long-term costs of advertising via advertising totems are also favourable compared to other forms of advertising. For example, the cost of advertising on TV can be huge compared to advertising totems. They are much more cost and time effective. You can change the content as you wish at extremely low cost.

You will create a unique feature

How do you differentiate yourself from other brands on the market? Some industries are saturated with the same type of promotion over and over again – having a unique feature that is more than a sign on a wall is the perfect way to showcase your brand and make a statement. An advertising totem pole is hard to ignore and will take you out of anonymity.

Benefits of wayfinding

Accessibility is so important for all types of businesses, and advertising totem signage provides customers and employees with effective wayfinding signage and directional information. Perfect for the hospitality and automotive industries, which often require a number of different types of signage and wayfinding in buildings. You can also choose double-sided advertising totems, which means you can provide information effectively.

Roll up bannere personalizate

Advantages of custom roll up banners

There are many promotional options to choose from. You can get confused when deciding which would be the best way to convey your brand story to your customers. The impact that roll up banners have cannot be ignored. In addition to their versatility, roll up banners can be used indoors and outdoors for promotional purposes. They can be used to advertise new products and offers and can be used as welcome posters and to promote brands. You can use them both indoors and outdoors to attract customers and boost your business. If you’re looking for a new type of advertising method, printing roll up banners may be the right choice

In the world of event marketing, few components are as useful as roll up banners. Designed to help you capture the attention of everyone in the room at a big industry event or to consumers in your community – these handy banners are an affordable way to help you increase your sales. Presenting at industry shows and events that put you in front of the right buyers is a great way to get your name out there and make valuable connections, but you need to make sure you do it in a way that’s effective and easy enough.

Messaging to your customers is more important than ever. It’s essential to let your customers know if you launch a new product, have a discount, want to promote a new item. Choosing roll up banners is a great way to communicate with all your customers while maintaining brand standards and specific messaging.

Cost effective

Roll up banner stands, also known as retractable banners, are among the top innovations in the advertising world. With their ease of use and convenient transportation, roll up banners are an attractive and efficient way to advertise a product and more. These banners are available in several sizes to suit different types of spaces and can be customised to your requirements. There are a variety of offers and you will surely find the best roll up price.

Whether you have a large business or a small one, you will find roll up price to suit your marketing budget so you can draw attention to the products or services you offer.

Quick and easy assembly

Simply pull or roll up the banner using the retractable system and put the support pole in place to secure it. Setup is almost instantaneous. They’re just as easy to pull down once you’re done with them.

Choose the best priced roll ups as they are the ideal choice for sales teams who are constantly on the move and for those who regularly visit trade shows. Every second saved from setting up your display is crucial as it will free you up to do other important things, such as engaging with new customers.

Easy to transport

The benefits of printing roll up banners are many. These promotional materials are portable and easy to set up. They are lightweight and can be easily moved from one place to another. Because they are portable, they are an economical way to advertise. What’s more, you’ll find roll ups cost-effective for advertising.

They are outstanding

Roll up banners are highly visible thanks to their colourful and visual displays. When you make your business logo, a picture of your product or a few words about your company and add them to the roll up banners you will instantly attract people’s attention.

Offers versatility

Roll up banners can easily be adapted to different functions or activities. You can choose to print on one or both sides, which gives you the option of placing the banner next to a wall or in the middle of the room to be seen from multiple angles.

The design and placement of the banner can also be customised to suit your current needs. For example, you can reproduce a single design on multiple banners to reinforce your brand or alternatively, you can use different designs depending on what you want to convey to your customers. This makes banners multi-functional. You’re sure to find the roll up price that will fit your marketing budget considering they are available in a number of different sizes, making it simple to get the right impact.


The roll up banner does its job very efficiently. In addition to the ease of assembly and portability mentioned earlier, its nature gives it an advantage over other promotional solutions. Roll up banners are not extremely tall, which means that most of the configuration is at eye level, promoting visibility of the content. So anyone walking past them will find it hard to miss them.

If you can successfully combine this with clear print and eye-catching colours that bring the display to life, you’ll get people talking about your products.

They are durable

No matter what price roll up you choose, it will stay in great shape no matter how long it’s stored. Once in place, it’s protected from direct exposure to sun, dust and moisture. It is therefore able to withstand the wear and tear of regular use and transport. You can also choose a cover to protect the banner from abrasion and external elements during transport and storage.


You can find conveniently priced but quality roll ups. A well-groomed banner can be used for many consecutive functions, as long as you stay true to the message it conveys, so it’s not irrelevant. It is possible to print banners for all your upcoming campaigns or events and use them on the same banner stand. Unused banners can be rolled up and stored safely until the next time you need them.

Steaguri personalizate

Advertise locally with a personalised flag

With the advent of new technology, digital media has gradually tried to take over advertising campaigns. As a result, many entrepreneurs and business owners have mistakenly assumed that conventional marketing strategies are no longer useful in promoting their business. Digital marketing techniques are indeed effective, but conventional marketing techniques are just as appealing in generating valuable leads. Using custom flags for your upcoming advertising campaign could help boost your business and impact your existing customer base and potential customers.

Custom flags are the most effective conventional marketing tools. Custom flags can be powerful advertising tools when used correctly. There are many ways to advertise. Printing custom flags can have various benefits for your business. People usually look for a brand or feature of a company or business so that they trust it and buy different products or services from that business. Custom flags are a sign of trust and a symbol of your business.

The fantastic impact of custom flags

Most people can remember images better than other types of information, so by printing custom flags you can have an amazing effect on your audience and advertise indirectly. If your flag design sticks in your audience’s mind, they will follow it more and more. Of course, you should keep in mind that if your flag has a combination of different colours, fonts and old logos, people may feel confused. Choose personalised flags with clear messages for passers-by.

Increase brand awareness

One of the most important benefits of custom flags is that they help increase brand awareness. A well-designed flag can attract people’s attention from afar and make them aware of your company’s name, products and services. This increased awareness can lead to more customers and higher profits for your business.

They are appealing

Personalised flags are eye-catching. They can be seen from a great distance, perfect for getting people’s attention. This is especially beneficial if you want to advertise a new product or service you offer. With the right design, these marketing materials can really help grab people’s attention and generate interest in your business.

Get the colour and design right and you’ll get your marketing campaign off to a great start. Custom flags are easy to see from a distance, which means all eyes are on you.

If you want to display custom flags at a trade show, consider displaying them around your location to attract attendees to your booth. After all, you want to increase traffic and promote brand recognition. Because custom flags are easy to spot, people will likely remember your business long after the event.

They are versatile

You can use custom flags either indoors or outdoors, making them perfect for any occasion. They can also be customised to suit your specific needs, ensuring you get the most out of them.

Are cost-effective

Flags are also very affordable. They are a cost-effective way to promote your business and reach a wider audience. Plus, these marketing tools can be reused over and over again, making them a wise investment for your business.

For example, you can use custom flags at trade shows, conventions and other events. You can also use them to promote special sales or discounts you offer.

They’re easy to set up

All you need are a few basic tools and you can have your flags up in no time. This makes them perfect for businesses that don’t have much time or money to invest in marketing.

Unlike other advertising materials, flags don’t require much maintenance. You don’t have to worry about them becoming outdated or irrelevant. They can be used repeatedly, making them a wise investment for your business.

They are portable

This makes them perfect for businesses that are always on the go. With custom flags you can easily promote your business. Trade shows, events and other public places are some of the places you can use them to attract the attention of passers-by. You can also have them indoors or outdoors, depending on your needs.

They are hard-wearing

Flags are very durable. They can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them perfect for outdoor use. They’re also made from quality materials, so they won’t break easily.

Provides an effective way to tell your story

Choosing personalised flags can tell your story. They can be used to present your company’s history, values and mission. This can help build trust and credibility with potential customers.

Provides 24/7 brand exposure

With custom flags, your advertising will be visible 24/7. You don’t have to take them down and they don’t expire after a certain number of hours.

Flexible design

When it comes to design, with custom flags you can let your creativity run wild. There’s nothing to restrict you with flag design. You can let your imagination run wild and customise your flag as you wish. Plus, custom flags stand out from the competition because they come with custom printed graphics and font that you can use to effectively convey your message to your target audience.

They have great impact

Promotion is all about making others want to remember you. Strengthen your branding and keep your business in the minds of as many people as possible by using custom flags in and out of your store.

Promotion is all about making others want to remember you. Strengthen your branding and keep your business in the minds of as many people as possible by using custom flags in and outside your store.