POSM Display (Point Of Sales Material Display)

Considered that the complete integration of the latest equipment and industrial design software solutions, can lead to obtaining products truly compliant with the highest standards, we constantly invest in the latest technologies (details: https://largeformat.globalprint.ro/investitii-si-training-pentru-anul-2019/ ). Such a technical solution and state-of-the-art software for the realization of POSM Display, allows the elimination of material losses, efficiency of working times and at all production stages with impact on costs so that in the end to obtain competitive prices compared to other technical solutions.

POSM Display - Consulting & Design

The ArtiosCad 3D software used for the custom realization of POSM Displays
is a top-performing software dedicated to the design of such products, developed by the ESKO team, a company whose performances are generally recognized by the most experienced specialists in the field. Given the solid experience of our designers, but also the fact that we benefit a full support subscription from the ESKO team in Ghent - Belgium, we can confidently approach any idea you have in mind. Such involvement of the most trained specialists worldwide, including those who develop the software itself, is an important and unique asset, given that to our knowledge, in Romania, there are no other companies that benefit from full support, one of the reasons being the high cost for these qualified services.

ESKO ARTIOSCAD 3D structural design software has a series of features likely to generate added value and of course, multiple benefits for POSM Displays made and implicitly for your company. Of all these features and benefits, we consider it useful to highlight the following:

  • It allows the creation of POSM Displays perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the products to be exhibited, through the function of importing 3D files (most types of 3D files are accepted). Thus, a stable display is obtained, with a correctly reinforced structure and a firm display of the products.
  • Human error is eliminated, thanks to the intelligent way of automatic verification and adjustment of the dimensions introduced by the designers. Being a software designed and developed especially for such products, the graphic designer only has to enter the dimensions for the final visible parts, the software calculating at each fold how much must be compensated according to the thickness of each cardboard or material used. This avoids the problems often encountered in cases where the design is done with software such as Corel or other CAD software that is not designed for corrugated POS or other materials. Such problems can be translated into reality, through various non-conformities, such as: curves (belly) of the lid of a box, or cracks on the edges of a POSM (being forced to close the cardboard), etc.
  • The duration of the projects decreases dramatically. The current practice involves the work of about 1-2 weeks of a designer, due to the software used by most (Corel or architecture Cad ). Not working with softwares specially designed and developed for POS Display, the working hours are very long and also the risks of error are high. This aspect can be the most important in many situations. If you want to implement a promotion campaign in supermarkets and the deadline is 1 month, the fact that the design lasts 1-2 weeks, for the beneficiaries means the impossibility to change the first proposal received, even if this is far from what the beneficiaries wanted. Thus, the projects will be implemented in due time and according to the creative ideas of the beneficiary, being possible the presentation of 2 or more variants for each project.
  • Projects can be presented in 3D, video and augmented reality, by positioning the exact POSM Display in the store / space where it is to be installed. The graphic files of the POSM Display stands will be able to be viewed by the beneficiaries in both 2D and 3D dynamic format, which allows the display to be rotated for viewing from all angles. This aspect is especially important in making the right decisions and for shortening the implementation times. It is thus possible to eliminate the need to make mock-ups (samples) that involve significant allocation of the time and the additional costs. In addition, it will be offered in the form of graphic animation and instructions for mounting / forming the displays that are delivered folded. Thus, it will be very easy for the beneficiary's production team to form the POSM Displays right on site.
  • The exact calculation of the necessary materials and the costs involved is depending on the printing and cutting equipment. Thus, the price quotations will be precise from the design stage.
  • It allows the creation of POS with special shapes, especially creative. A creative cardboard display can be an extremely strong sales asset if the condition is met, that the technical solution can support the creativity of the designers.
  • It allows the import of any type of graphic file, for personalizing the print, so that the positioning of graphic images in relation to the edges, sides, etc. is very precisely controlled. The registration of the graphic design on POSM is very precise, thus eliminating the risk that the visual aspect will be affected.
  • A detailed description of the functionalities can be viewed here: https://largeformat.globalprint.ro/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Esko-Artioscad-3D.pdf

POSM Display - Production

  • The digital UV print directly on corrugated cardboard and other rigid materials in the plate is made at high resolutions and in high productivity conditions. The digital printing equipment with UV ink can print on most printing materials - printing cardboard, corrugated boards, alubond and other materials with the metal component, PVC derivatives (DISPA, HIS, STADUR, plexiglass, acrylic, polycarbonate), wood derivatives (HDF, MDF, PAL, HPL), etc. - materials that will serve as a basis for the realization of POS displays. The Fuji Acuity HS Advance printer being of true flatbed type ensures a very good registration so that it is possible to perfectly match the graphic image to the edges, sides, etc.
  • The print is flexible, does not show cracks in the bending areas, or does not create recycling problems at the end of the use cycle, as may occur in the case of plasticized offset printing. In the case of offset printing, it is necessary to apply laminating foils from plastic material, a foil that can produce the refusal of acceptance on the part of the recycling companies. UV digital printing technology eliminates the costs involved for foil, laminating labor for offset printed sheets.
  • The faithful reproduction of the graphic design at resolutions up to 1200 DPI, is ensured by the Caldera GrandRip + color processing software (https://largeformat.globalprint.ro/caldera-grandrip-soft-management-culoare/), fast, flexible and powerful, dedicated to large and extra-wide format applications.
  • The high productivity for digital finishing is made by ESKO KONGSBERG X, which has the main feature, a very good versatility, due to the modular system of changing various finishing tools (big, contour cutting, fine detail, perforation, etc.).
  • The efficiency of production costs is maximized, due to the addition to the equipment already described above of the ESKO i-CUT Suite industrial software ( https://largeformat.globalprint.ro/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/Esko-i-Cut-Suite.pdf ), which especially through the NESTING functionality allows the reduction of material consumption by up to 30-40%. Basically, the irregular elements to be cut are placed and grouped optimally so that the resulting material and technological waste are minimal. In addition, the automated retrieval of all technical information is ensured directly from the ESKO ArtiosCAD design software to the ESKO digital finishing table, in conditions of maximum compatibility, possible due to the development of the complete solution by the same manufacturer (design software, industrial software and finishing table by ESKO). Thus, the setting times of each job are made more efficient, the amount of raw material used and the possibility of human error is eliminated.
  • Samples are made before entering the production flow. Among the advantages of digital printing is the fact that the samples are identical to the final display, can be easily made. Thus, it will be possible to make adjustments depending on the tests of product exposure, load-bearing capacity, visual appearance, etc.

POSM Display - Types

  • Floor Display

POSM Corrugated cardboard displays allow the highest degree of versatility in terms of size, packaging, and bearing capacity of the products to be displayed. The possibility of delivery in folded form, opens the opportunity of significant efficiency of operational costs, thus being possible to achieve large runs and exports to Europe (flat pack corrugated cardboard POS).
The floor display POS is designed to be placed directly on the store floor and for a high degree of load-bearing capacity. Various reinforcement solutions can be thought of (doubled side walls, transverse bars with a special profile for polished support, honeycomb or interlocking inner structure, intermediate plates for load-bearing from products exposed to lower levels, etc.), so as to be exposed successfully including heavy products such as beer, wines and other beverages (about 40 kg per shelf).

  • Pallet Display

The solution of POSM Displays made to optimized dimensions for display on the pallet is used in the situation where the stands are delivered with the products already introduced (fulfillment services included). Thus, handling and transport can be done safely.
And these display pallet POS can be designed for a high load-bearing capacity, so that heavy products of up to about 40 kg per shelf can be displayed, especially for the beverage industry (see details above - Floor Display ).

  • CHEP Display

CHEP Display POSMs have various advantages in terms of transport and logistics, similar to those mentioned above in the case of Floor Display, but also offers the possibility of strapping (inner or outer blue click system).
CHEP pallets are made 100% of recycled polypropylene and are certified to be completely carbon neutral. The pallet management is easy, being made by the manufacturer (supplied, recovered from the market, and reconditioned through the entire warehouse network that facilitates the packaging and cross-docking process in the logistics chain).

The optimized dimensions (60x40 cm, 2x1 / 8) and the resistant structure allows easier replenishment of stocks in the supermarket and minimal damage to exposed products.

Counter top display

Counter display POSMs are used to display products in the cashier area of supermarkets or in stores and are intended to facilitate the process of merchandising and selling products. They can be made from a wide range of cardboard and other materials, depending on the specifics of the industry, the products, and the way of exposure.

  • Display with hangers

Smaller products or for displaying in the cashier area of markets can be successfully used such POSM Displays with various types of straps, which can facilitate the optimal display of these types of products.

  • POSM Displays special shapes

Whether you want the way of displaying products to highlight the recognition of brand values, or the practical need to optimize the exposure of products with atypical shapes or sizes or simply to put into practice special creative ideas, we mobilize to develop together with the most interesting projects. To view which models of advertising totems are available and to purchase existing POSM Displays in stock, we invite you to visit the online store here.

POSM customization certifications:

FOGRA - represents not only a guarantee of quality but also a confirmation of the technical level and know-how of the production process used. FOGRA certification details here: https://largeformat.globalprint.ro/certificare-fogra-certificare-pantone-more/
PANTONE - to reproduce and design in the most realistic way the PANTONE and brand colors.
FSC - for certain types of cartons for which there is traceability of the raw material.

POSM Display - Industries

Cele mai populare produse care pot fi promovate prin print POSM sunt:

  • Food (snacks, sweets, pastries)
  • Drinks (juices, coffee, tea, alcohol)
  • Cigarettes (tobacco, electronic cigarettes)
  • Perfumes (eau de toilette, Eau de perfume)
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants)
  • Beauty products (creams, solutions)
  • Auto-motorcycle products
  • Brochures and catalogs (for company presentation)
  • Gadgets (hoverboard, drone)
  • Electronic products (phone, tablet, laptop)
  • Home appliances (vacuum cleaner, iron)
    By choosing to customize the POSM exhibition stands, you will have an excellent way to attract new customers. We customize any print display so that the colors and shapes are to your liking, chosen with the intention of attracting attention.

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