color management software

GrandRip + is a fast, flexible and powerful Raster Image Processing Software, dedicated to large and extra-wide, print and print-to-cut applications.

GrandRIP + is software that offers fully scalable solutions, available with a wide range of optional features, from ink saving up to cost management tools. It makes workflow management work more productive by organizing cutting and finishing and keeping costs under control - all in an intuitive user interface.

GrandRip + is a force that drives the productivity of large and industrial printers: Nur, Durst, Leggett & Platt / Spuhl, HP / Scitex Vision, Vutek, IP&I, Teckwin, Gandinnovations, Grapo, Lüscher, Matan, Keundo, DGI, Seaband and Zünd . The software allows for easy calibration of color consistency from the device, saving used ink and access to the most popular color libraries such as Pantone, RAL or HKS. Caldera proposes the latest innovations in color management, spot color support, screening techniques or unique finishing-oriented functions such as: tiling, nesting, eyelets positioning, stitching and folding marks.

Recent versions bring new opportunities for Caldera users: textiles, wallpaper, ceramics, glass, wood and CAD. By including APPE (Adobe PDF Print Engine) - native processing of PDF documents, which brings all the benefits of 64-bit data processing, users can process very large files that were previously rejected due to lack of on-board memory. Thus, the users benefit from additional efficiency, through the fully active memory of the processor. The innovative solution proposes the latest developments in color management, spot color support, screening techniques and unique finishing features to obtain colors as real as possible.

GrandRip + software allows the management of many file types and file sizes. In addition, the Caldera GrandRip comes with color profiles and allows color management. Strong color profile management with a color management software is extremely important as it maximizes the color range of inks. Caldera GrandRip software software can also be used to enlarge images for printing without loss of detail as it increases the resolution of the file.

A color management software is an important component in the printing process because it determines the color, screen pattern and resolution of the printed product. The quality of GrandRip + software directly determines the quality of production. GrandRip + ensures reliable color reproduction, saves time in the long run and reduces wastage due to multiple reprints.

Within this sophisticated Caldera GrandRip software, there are potentially limitless tools and processes. If you are a company or an independent artist who makes posters, banners, images and signs, with GrandRip + this will be much easier. Each print is a replica of the original, thanks to this amazing color management software. The creation of great artistic products is more precise with the help of Caldera GrandRip.