High performance technology for UV printing

Customisation of products made of rigid materials is done with the DURST P5 Hybrid Printer with 350 cm opening and the FUJI Acujity HS Advance True Flatbed Printer. UV printing technology directly on HDF, chipboard, MDF or other wood-based materials and FOREX, HIPPS or other PVC-based materials ensures very good adhesion, good scratch resistance and very good quality of printed images. The DURST P5 350 printer won first place in the flagship printer category for print quality and productivity at the EDP Awards (European Digital Press Association), one of the leading technology associations of the European printing industry. For more details, please visit: https://www.durst-group.com/en/magazine/edp-awards-confirm-durst-p5-series-as-most-versatile-and-productive-printing-systems-on-the-market
The Durst P5 350 and Fuji Acuity HS Advance UV printers, used for printing directly onto rigid materials, print high-resolution images with industrial productivity and performance. The versatility of these printers allows a very wide range of large format printing applications, such as posm display, indoor/outdoor signage, window graphics, floor graphics, wall decorations, etc. A major advantage of true flatbed technology is that it achieves better registration than hybrid printers, which is very important for large multi-plate prints. This means that the image components will be perfectly matched without the gaps that can occur with hybrid printers, where registration is more difficult because the plate and print head move simultaneously. Another advantage of this printing technology on rigid materials is its resistance to both light scratching and fading or fading after exposure to UV sunlight. Basically, through the UV cured ink printing process, it can be printed on any rigid or flexible material up to 5.08 cm thick such as PVC, Plexiglass, Foam, Forex, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Acrylic, Corrugated Cardboard, Aluminium, Wood, Stone and many other materials. The Fuji printer also allows the application of white ink both under print and after CMYK colour printing. Thus, on dark rigid materials you can print with white for an excellent visual effect. The printers in our uv printing fleet reproduce high resolution images with excellent productivity and performance. The versatility of the printers allows for large format printing applications and indoor/outdoor signage, window grapghics, floor graphics, wall decorations, etc.

Basically, through the uv printing process, you can print on any rigid or flexible material up to 5.08 cm thick (PVC, Plexiglass, Foam, Forex, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Acrylic, Corrugated Cardboard, Aluminium, Wood, Stone and many other materials). This print on rigid materials is both scratch and UV resistant. Colour processing in the uv printing process on rigid materials is performed by Caldera GrandRip+ software, dedicated to large format applications, which ensures good productivity and accurate colour reproduction. Fast, flexible and powerful.

Technical Specifications for UV printing:

▹production capacity up to 30,000 m2 per month;
▹6 colors (CMYK + Double White);
▹1200 dpi – photo quality printing.

Certifications for the UV Flatbed Printing Equipment:

FOGRA - it is not only a guarantee of quality but also a confirmation of the technical level and know-how of the production process used.

PANTONE – to reproduce and design PANTONE colors in the most realistic way.

Perfectionists in printing technologies with UV ink on rigid or flexible materials, whether we are talking about indoor/outdoor signage, illuminated signs, boxes, panels, stands, large multipacks or interior decorations (printed glass, furniture, wallpaper) as well as other applications.

Prices for UV printing on rigid materials:

(up to 1440 DPi)
Smart X - HIPS compozit, 5 MM32.92
Dispa 3.8 MM11.74
Classic Therm PVC/XPS/PVC 10 MM38.11
Classic-Viscom PVCs eco 10 MM35.02
Polipropilena Celulara AKYPLAC, 3 MM4.57
Polipropilena Celulara AKYPLAC, 3.5 MM6.39
Polipropilena Celulara AKYPLAC, 5 MM9.76
PALIGHT 1 mm (foam pvc) 1 MM7.83
PALIGHT 2 mm (foam pvc) 2 MM12.73
Light Symbio PVC foam Alb 2.7 MM11.74
NEO PVC foam Alb 3 MM12.77
Light Symbio PVC foam Alb 4.5 MM20.06
NEO PVC foam Alb 5 MM21.01
!Placi PVC alb Foamalite 3 MM13.39
!Placi PVC alb Foamalite 3 MM12.36
Symbio Foamboard 5 MM63.86
Symbio Foamboard 10 MM88.99
Carton CO3 coated albit/albit, ONDULA B2.88
Carton CO3 coated albit/albit, ONDULA E2.65
Carton CO5 coated albit/albit, ONDULA B+E3.41
Carton CO3 natur/natur, ONDULA E2.54
Carton CO5 natur/natur, ONDULA B+E3.26
HIPS Iroplast SB 0.7 mm mat/mat, 0.7 MM8.24
HIPS Iroplast SB 1 mm mat/lucios, 1 MM12.36
HIPS Iroplast SB 1.5 mm mat/lucios, 1.5 MM18.13
HIPS Iroplast SB 2 mm mat/lucios, 2 MM24.31
HIPS Iroplast SB 3 mm mat/lucios, 3 MM36.67
HIPS Iroplast SB 2 mm mat/lucios, 2 MM24.72
Printbond alb mat/ primer41.16
Printbond alb mat/mat64.89
Printbond aluminium brushed/9006 silver mat90.60