contour cutting

Digital finishing - contour cutting

The digital finishing and cutting table produced by the world leader in the industry, ESKO KONGSBERG,  is a state-of-the-art model launched in 2016 at DRUPA and was installed in our production hall in 2019. It is the most versatile digital finishing device available at the moment, allowing the adding of dedicated tools for a diverse range of materials such as Corrugated Cardboard, FOAM, FOREX, Plexiglass or other plastic derivatives, Wood, Metal, Leather, Fabrics, etc. As an example, the Psaligrahy tool allows for very fine detailing and high precision cutting to be achieved.

Due to the high level of versatility we can execute works for industries such as fashion, furniture production, interior design and, of course, for the advertising production industry, for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

The integrated software offer the safety of obtaining the best results for the final products, regardless of the material cut and regardless of who operates the table. They offer the same durability, precision, versatility and extraordinary user interface as all machines of Kongsberg series. The i-CUT Suite industrial production efficiency software, through the NESTING component achieves the optimal positioning of the elements to be cut, on the plate of rigid material used. In this way efficiencies even by 40% of the advertising production costs can be achieved, the fact that the supporting materials represent more than 50% of the cost of the final product being well known. Basically, what a senior graphic designer can get after 3-4 hours of work, can be obtained in about 2-3 minutes by running the paper calibration function. Moreover, if a senior graphic designer manages to place the components on 4 sheets of material, the ESKO software will manage to use 2 or 2.5 sheets for the same paper.

Finishing of advertising materials 

The cutting tables offer levels of quality and performance whether the focus is 2D or 3D; packaging, signs, displays on several types of materials. The structure of carbon composite beams ensures a performance increase by up to 40%, more than other 3 m wide XY finishing equipment. Part of the materials and applications that can be made, modeled and finished with the cutting board: large packages, foldable boxes, corrugated cardboards, sample boxes, POSM displays, stands, solid boards, various advertising items, engravings, front panels, protective packaging, hard paper, foam boards, wood, carpets, plastic, credit cards, pop-ups, vinyls for banners, labels, fiberglass, thin aluminum, rubber and other special materials.

Prices for the digital cutting and contour cutting table