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Display systems

Appreciating the need to choose display systems from a wide range of products, we offer not one but three different ranges of systems, the manufacturers' catalogs being available here: Thus, we aim to eliminate any limitation of creativity and expression of your brand values. From the first phases of project development we provide you with our know-how through consulting services, and in the next phase, you will benefit from the services of our creatives and senior graphic designers. Utility, efficiency in handling and use are aspects that we aim for each element of the customized display systems.
State-of-the-art technical equipment, both on the coverage of all large format printing technologies (water-based ink, latex, ecoSolvent or UV), and on the automated finishing facilities, can create the premises for the realization of customized display systems, compliant with the most demanding standards. These are the arguments for which the policy of constant investment in the latest technologies is supported (details: ).

Roll up custom banners - display system with a favorable price

The roll-up is an excellent display system being portable, having a very low price compared to the visibility offered and is easy to use (in a few seconds can be installed by anyone). This type of display system is recommended for various events, conference rooms and even for retail areas for product promotion, being excellent support for marketing and communication messages.
The roll-up is composed of an aluminum system that can be folded and packed in a special cover and a personalized banner. Thus, the roll-up can be used in various locations depending on events (fairs, product launch conferences, trainings, waiting rooms, meeting rooms, samplings, showcases, malls, showrooms, supermarkets, hotel receptions, universities, etc.) and can be used to communicate different messages, by the possibility to change the roll-up banner.
In addition to the standard system that allows the installation of an 85 x 200 cm banner, we also offer rolls of larger dimensions such as 100/120/150 X 200 cm or with customization on both sides of the banner.

Roll-up banners - technologies used for personalization

The customizing the roll-up banner can be done with water-based ink without harmful chemicals or latex-based ink to get better scratch resistance. For both technologies, we use state-of-the-art printers, which in addition to making a high-resolution print (2400 dpi and 12 colors - 4 or 8 colors being used) also allows us to obtain a very competitive price. For more details on roll-up banner print equipment, visit for the Canon image Prograf printer with water-based ink / and for the HP 375 latex ink printer. Whether you want to check your graphic file, or you want to create the graphic creation for a roll-up, our team of designers is at your disposal.
Prices for custom roll-up starts at 27.9 euros + VAT and may vary depending on the system and the desired print material. We recommend premium systems for long use and high resolution print on special blockout material for roll-up banner. As a novelty, you can opt for roll-up banner print on textile with gray back. The textile material ensures a premium look to the print made due to the fine texture. It is very important that the edges of the banner do not bend, due to the low elasticity of the material which thus feels better tensioned. Depending on the requests, other materials can be used so that you can make the price of the roll-ups more efficient.
Because image matters, choose the best roll-up banner! Choose only the best or nothing!

Customized people stopper

The People Stopper is an excellent display system due to the fact that it is very easy to use and has a low price in relation to the available print area. The eyes of passers-by will be easily attracted, so that you can make your commercial offer known.
This display system, also called goat or sandwich panel or street panel, is recommended for displaying the menu of the day for the HoReCa industry by example, or for various warnings such as wet floor or keeping social distance and even for retail areas for product promotion, being excellent support for marketing and communication messages.
Depending on the requirements of the commercial activity, you can choose both people stopper indoor and people stopper outdoor, being available several types of systems, made of either anodized aluminum and click frames for an easy change of the printed poster, or plastic for resistance to moisture and discoloration when exposed to UV rays, either made of wood with chalkboard or marker for a more personal touch and for easy change of the menu of the day for example. The types of people stopper street signs available are the following:

  • Standard A1 anodized aluminum people stopper with 25 or 32 mm click frames (either with rounded corners or straight corners depending on the possibility of being touched by passers-by).
  • People type A plastic stopper for good resistance to rain and sunlight. It can be successfully used for playgrounds, parking lots and pedestrian areas.
  • Wooden type A people stopper for a better fit with the environment, for example for a rustic restaurant.
  • People stopper swing for resistance to wind and with a base that can be loaded with water, sand or industrial salt. Very useful for outdoor display being a waterproof street sign.
  • People stopper type T turned for a more special look that will be able to enhance the displayed information.
  • The pyramid people stopper for promoting products or special messages.
  • People stopper poster trap you can introduce the print on a rigid plate, thus being possible large dimensions of up to 150 cm. In addition, the 45-degree angle base can be customized.
  • People stopper Write-On type A to easily switch to the example menu of the day. It will be possible to write with the marker or chalk.
  • People stopper with a rotating metal frame, so that the print can rotate to attract the attention of passers-by.
  • People stopper with LED illuminated display and an integrated battery that can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Custom people stopper, so you can get the dimensions, shape and functionality perfectly adapted to your needs.

You benefit from prices starting from 65 euros + VAT (poster dimensions displayed 50 x 70 cm) and the possibility to receive the display system directly at your company headquarters by fast courier delivery, the weight of the packaged product being about 15 Kg.

Advertising production - Pop-up spiders

Pop-up spiders are unbeatable in terms of portability and price paid in relation to the effects obtained. The large print area allows the creation of airy layouts, able to efficiently convey your message at various fairs, conferences and events you want to attend. Thus, you can use pop-up spiders, including for highlighting a new range of products in a showroom (as an example we can consider the automotive or cosmetics industry) or for product launch events.

H3: Pop-up spider - Advantages

The relatively low price combined with the high visibility in the display environment, the ease of transport to various locations (packed fits in a bag) and the possibility of being assembled and disassembled by your colleagues, make the pop-up spider one of the most effective and flexible advertising products.
Pop-up Spiders are available in various sizes and shapes, the profiles and frames used being configurable for a perfect adaptation to your needs. The spider type metal structure is extensible, ensuring a good tension of the custom printed textile material. Depending on the events and the periodicity of the organization of the promotion campaigns, the same structure of the pop-up spiders can be used for different prints.

Advertising production - Custom flags

If you want to be noticed even in the outdoor environment, you can definitely choose custom flags, due to the resistance of the print to the weather but also due to the ease of installation regardless of location. Flags can be used at outdoor events (in the field for the Agro industry or on the beach for the HoReCa industry, etc.), in certain areas of large shopping malls, at your company's headquarters, on the sidewalk in front of your store, etc.
Custom flags can have various shapes such as tear or feather and heights that can exceed 4 m. The flag support is very durable, being made of aluminum or carbon fiber. For easy installation on any type of surface and to benefit from all the advantages of personalized flags (wind resistance, rain and intense sunlight) it is very important to choose the right base. Depending on the installation surface of the flags, the base can be standard in the shape of a cross or square, for straight indoor spaces, the base for mounting in the field by inserting it directly into the ground, the coil base for adapting to irregular surfaces, the screw base for mounting in the grass, wheel or wall.
The print made on custom flags must be resistant to discoloration from exposure to sunlight and rain, which is why the optimal solution is the technology of digital printing with ecoSolvent ink. The support material for the print is a synthetic material made of resistant polyester, but which ensures a very good quality of the printed images and implicitly for those flags customized on this material.

Display systems - Plexiglass & Metal

By processing with the hot wire and heat-sealing you can obtain a very wide range of products such as: plexiglass urns for various campaigns, tablet stand with floor or counter, notice board, menu holder, plexiglass riders, catalog holder, leaflet holder, info desk, brochure stands, etc.
In addition to the standard products, we can create customized display systems based on your sketch, so that they correspond to all your requirements.
To view and download the catalogs for all available display systems, you can visit:
Additionally, we recommend that you include advertising products in your media mix, such as lightboxes, custom totems, posters, posters, wallpaper and signage. For complete information display systems, we invite you to visit us here

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