Ecosolvent printer metallic ink

Roland Pro 4 Production Printer for Eco-Solvent Printing

The Eco-Solvent Industrial Printing Equipment and the Roland Soljet PRO4 XR640 Countor Cutting installed in 2019, is the top printer of Roland DG production equipment. Its characteristics are quality and speed as well as the possibility of achieving metallic shades, the printing of ecosolvent ink on transparent materials and an important improvement in color tone, being the first machine in the world to use Light Black ink for outdoor. For color processing we successfully use Roland VersaWorks native RIP software, for high quality and increased production pace.

Products that are recommended to be printed with ECO SOLVENT MAX 2 ink are of the most diverse: from indoor/outdoor signage, pictographs, self-adhesive stickers and up to the most special car stickers with metal reflections. Any material printed with ecosolvent ink will thus be resistant to UV rays, colors are protected from fading up to 5 years, in the case of laminating with laminating foil with a high degree of protection against UV rays.

Benefits of Eco-Solvent Printing

The main strengths being the ability to print with metallic ink and the resistance against UV rays,we basically have the ideal solution for customizing car fleets and indoor/outdoor ads with reflective metallic effect.

Technical specifications for ecosolvent printing and certifications held:

Production capacity up to 25.000 m2 per month
Metallic colors– 8 colors (CMYK + Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black si Metalic Silver)


FOGRA - it is not only a guarantee of quality but also a confirmation of the technical and know-how level of the production process used.

PANTONE – to reproduce and design in the most realistic way PANTONE colors.

High-quality technology that allows to achieve metallic shades, including printing on transparent materials and a noticeable improvement in color tones. Products that are recommended to be printed: pictographs, signage, illuminated signs, car/wall stickers, interior or exterior decorations.

Prices for Eco-Solvent Printing

Chantaffiche h whiteback 200JE, 150G1.92
Chantaffiche h blueback 250, 115G1.37
Chantaffiche h blueback 250JE, 115G1.76
Chantaffiche h ignifuga, 120G1.81
Coala hartie satin solvent, 200G4.94
Symbio Photo Paper Glossy, 220G5.76
Canvas Symbio Polyester GLOSSY, 220G10.16
Backlit film mat (solvent), 200 MICRONI10.27
Autocolant Symbio MAT, 80 MICRONI3.84
Autocolant Symbio GLOSS, 80 MICRONI3.84
Autocolant Coala Permanent MAT, 80 MICRONI5.49
Autocolant Coala Permanent GLOSS, 80 MICRONI5.49
Autocolant Coala Removable GRI, MAT, 80 MICRONI5.49
Autocolant Coala Removable GRI, GLOSS, 80 MICRONI5.49
Coala WallDesign NW (tapet), FINE SAND21.69
Banner frontlit Symbio Clasic 500x500, MAT, 440 G, STARFLEX4.01
Mesh Symbio Clasic 1000x1000, 250G, CU SUPORT4.94
Blockout smooth 480g 1000x1000 - MATERIAL BANNER DE PRINTAT PE AMBELE FETE6.31
Coala Magnetic PVC 350 microni24.71
Coala Magnetic PVC 600 microni30.74