Pe un banner roll up se poate imprima aproape orice

Are you looking for good value roll up banner solutions in Bucharest?

Roll up banners are useful marketing materials that can not only drive potential customers to your company, giving them an insight into the products and services you offer, but also entice them to buy.

A common misconception about roll-up banners is that they are only useful in trade shows, however, they are used in a variety of ways to accelerate marketing campaigns. For example:

  • Places where people stand in lines.
  • Reception areas and waiting rooms.
  • Conferences, seminars and other events.
  • In-store promotions.
  • As promotional material in strategic partner premises.
  • You can think of endless ways to use the roll up banner, depending on your marketing strategy. And there’s no denying that this type of marketing material is a great way not only to promote products and services at events, but also to make an impact on customers in-store.

The reason why a roll up banner is so useful is that it has a lot of benefits namely:


Almost anything can be printed on a roll up banner. The whole space is like a blank canvas that allows you to be creative. You can use any colours, design elements and graphics. Since the banner plays a vital role in attracting the attention of your target audience, it’s important to make it as appealing as possible. In addition to the visual elements of the brand message, it is advisable to add the company logo, any promotion or product features. To make your print come alive, invest in quality products at good prices for the best results.


Roll up banners are lightweight, which means transporting them will be easy. You won’t need help getting them from one place to another, even after they’re set up.
Roll up banners are compact so they’re ideal for use at conferences, conventions, exhibitions and trade shows or anywhere you want to promote your business. This portability is also an on-site benefit, as they can be easily moved from one area or room to another of the venue.
You can also use a roll up banner in places where space is limited. Because they tend to be tall and narrow, they require very little floor space, so are a real advantage at business events or exhibitions. These same characteristics also make them an ideal alternative in areas where wall space may be limited.

Easy to use

Unlike other types of banners, a roll up banner is extremely easy to assemble and anyone can do it. When the event is over, the banners are easy to take down. This means you can easily store them in their carrying case and they will take up little storage space when not in use.
So if you have an upcoming marketing campaign that requires maximum impact at low cost, a roll up banner is the right choice. Global Print Printing offers you the best quality at the best price.

It’s appealing

A roll up banner is great for an event or a place where you want to attract people’s attention because it’s immediately visible. A well-designed banner will stand out wherever you display it and attract potential customers to your stand/table at an event. Roll up banners can give potential customers an insight into the service or product you are promoting. They can be printed in full colour and display a variety of text, images, logos or quality printed graphics.

It is durable

Roll up banners are designed for repeated use. When well cared for, a roll up banner will truly stand the test of time. There are different styles of roll up banners to choose from, depending on your specific needs. You should consult a professional roll up banner printing company for more details.

Low cost

If you haven’t explored roll up banner marketing in detail before, you’ll be surprised to learn that a quality roll up banner is less expensive than you might imagine. Roll up banners remain one of the most economical options for display advertising. These types of banners are extremely cost-effective and won’t affect your marketing budget, unlike many other methods of promotion.

Brand promotion

Large print formats, such as a double sided printed roll up banner, can be seen and noticed from a distance, this allows your business to be recognised by a wider market. When you use the roll up banner at an exhibition, event or any other event, it is guaranteed to attract the attention of customers and gives you the opportunity to advertise and increase your sales.


If you choose to buy a quality roll up banner and take care of it, you can use it for a long time. Make sure that after the event is over you put it away, clean it and wrap it properly. It would help if you store the banner in a safe place. To make sure it lasts longer, invest in high quality roll up banners.
Roll up banners are ideal for any company, no matter what your marketing budget. Global Print is a Bucharest-based company that never says no to a challenge, we are experts in the field of digital printing and can undertake any project, no matter how big or small, with fast, reliable and convincing results. We would like to say that we can print on any material. We’ll work closely with you to make sure all your needs are fully met so you get the best results.

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