Top performance equipment

We have always believed that the true value of a product can only be obtained by choosing the most efficient and effective solutions. Choosing the most optimal and suitable methods according to the level of difficulty, accuracy, as well as other vital information that constantly changes according to each client we work with has always been a priority for us. In meeting both large and minimalist projects, we have invested in the machines we choose to use, as well as the necessary instruction for each separate software that comes with the printers.

So, in order to be able to reproduce colors and images at a higher quality, which maximizes the quality and appearance of the final product, we use many types of printing ink, as well as a series of specialty printers.

Each model brings different advantages, suitable for the most diverse and ambitious projects, offering a variety both in the format range (large, wide) and in the advantages they present. Whether eco-solvent ink, water or UV, our promise is to always realize any concept, offering the right solution.

The printer with latex type ink, namely the HP Latex 375 model, was introduced to the number of our machines starting from 2019, reducing the costs for ink consumed by up to 40%, thanks to the toners specially created to be able to support up to 3 liters.

With a production capacity of up to 35,000 square meters per month, it is often used for prints that require more stability, perfectly harmonized with the flexibility of latex that also acts as a protective, scratch-resistant layer. It allows both automatic double-face alignment and direct alignment on synthetic and natural textiles.

At the same time, in 2019 we introduced the Soljet PRO4 XR640 model to our equipment list. Named as the fastest and widest printer-cutter available on the market today, its print quality and versatility allows the combination of cutting and printing functions for flawless results. Working on the basis of eco-solvent ink, it is resistant to UV rays, the colors being protected for a period between 3 and 5 years after the lamination process. With a production capacity of up to 25,000 sqm per month and enabling perfect contour cutting, it offers 8 shades of metallic colors: CMYK + Light Cyan, Light Magenta, Light Black and Metallic Silver, perfect for printing Roland DG applications.

Both the 110cm CANON 8400 model with an 8-color area and 2 copies of the CANON 8400 S model with 12 shades were installed this year, with a production capacity of up to 45,000 m2 per month. With the largest number of colors available for a large format printer, it provides the largest color gamut as well as the highest level of print fidelity.

Using odorless water-based ink, it is completely safe to use in any indoor environment such as nurseries, clinics or offices. Thanks to the photo quality, the resolution of 2400 dpi, it allows the printing of all high-quality fine art works, following the same contour cutting system as the Soljet PRO4XR640 model.

Offering superior quality, another main printer is the Fuji Acuity HS Advance that was installed in 2019, being considered one of the most versatile and complex flatbeds, with a varied range of functions and unique advantages. With a production capacity of up to 30,000 sqm per month and 6 colors (CMYK + Double White), it offers a level of photographic quality for any design.

This UV ink based printer can print on any material both rigid and flexible up to 2″ thick (PVC, polycarbonate, polystyrene, acrylic, corrugated board, aluminum composite, wood, stone and many other materials ). By means of this type of printer, it is possible to render flatbed UV print applications, or any products that require special UV ink.

Another important aspect is the certifications required for the use of various printing machines. For example, the Fuji Acuity HS Advance, HP Latex 375, Roland Soljet PRO4 XR640, CANON 8400 and CANON 8400 S printers require PANTONE certification, a rigorous process that analyzes every aspect of the printing mechanism, from design to ink type preparation appropriate. It is the only certification process dedicated to perfect and standardized production, which proves that we constantly aim to maintain the highest standards. Another important certificate is the Fogra one, which we are in the process of implementing at the moment!

Whether indoor or outdoor signage, collective or large format product packaging, industrial components or touch panels for machines, with the help of our partners and suppliers such as Profi Print and Art Match we can use any material available on the Romanian market. And with the help of our cutting machine ESKO KONSBERG X, the most modern digital finishing model, precision becomes the rule.

For each project, idea, or simply personal projects, we choose the right solution for you!