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Attract people to your store with POSM Display stands!

A POSM (Point of Sales Materials) display is a type of sales advertising in which goods are displayed near, next to or in a purchase location. Certainly, those displays are used for the purpose of drawing customers’ attention to the products and encouraging them to make purchases.

Types of POSM Display stands

You may find that there are a wide range of point of sale displays in stores, including:

  • Floor Display
  • Pallet Display
  • CHEP Display
  • Counter top display
  • Hanging display
  • POSM Displays special shapes

Why do you need a POSM Display stands?

The products on those displays are normally items that do not initially appear on customers’ shopping lists. Point-of-sale displays provide customers with an intuitive representation of products and the appropriate purposes for purchasing those items. Also, if there are certain products you want to promote, POSM Display stands will definitely help.

You can also strategically place low-cost products near the point of sale with the hope that, customers buy additional items. Unlike items placed on your shelves, customers only need a few seconds to decide whether or not they want to buy products displayed on POSM Display stands.

Why does POSM Display marketing work?

Most consumers make impulse purchases. The reason POSM Display stands are used is because they suggest a sale. If a customer already makes a purchase, they are more likely to feel comfortable buying additional, less expensive products.

That’s why displaying low-priced items near the cash register or store point of sale is such an effective way to cross-sell.

How do you make POSM Display stands?

Before making POSM Display stands, it’s important to consider a few questions:

What is the intent of the display? Will the display be part of a larger promotion, such as a “buy one get one free” offer? What kind of products will the display feature?

Who will be the target audience? An important part of answering this question is about understanding the type of store your display will be in. What kind of people are buying? What benefits of your product will appeal to that specific audience?

Where will the display be used? Will the display be on the aisle? In the middle of a wide open space? These questions will help you understand the size of your stands to ensure your display stands out and captures attention.

Products that can be used for POSM Display stands

Although any product can be displayed on POSM Display stands, it is recommended that proximity goods are the strongest. You can consider the following items, namely:

  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Sweets and chocolate bars
  • Chewing gum
  • Comic books and magazines
  • Tobacco and lighters
  • Single items
  • Products sold in bulk

Benefits of POSM Display stands

The advantage of POSM Display stands is that they can help increase overall sales by increasing the number of items purchased by a customer.

You can use your POSM Display stand to promote offers, accessories, supplies and any other items that may not have been on a customer’s original shopping list.

Things to think about when choosing POSM Display stands

  • Take risks
    • It’s good to use bright colours, large fonts and distinctive images. The aim is for these attributes to help you attract customers’ attention.
  • Present the benefits of your products
    • What benefits do customers get from using your product?
      • The opportunity to answer the question is at the point of sale display.
      • Highlight the benefits of buying something that would satisfy both impulse buyers and others who have been thinking about it for a while.

Make them unique

Personalization empowers every marketing campaign, and some POSM Display stands should be no exception. Of course, you can’t tailor your message for every member of your target audience. However, by using action-oriented language, you can make POSM Display stands suitable for your ideal customer community.

Location and product presented

For a POSM display to be effective, its location and the featured product must go hand in hand. Let’s say you’re displaying a shoe shine product. It wouldn’t make sense to place that display next to clothing, it would make much more sense to place it next to the product it best complements: shoes.


How do POSM Display stands fit in with the overall design of your store? Consider everything from your customers’ five senses to design concepts like balance and contrast. Understanding how some POSM Display stands can fit in with your overall visual merchandising will have a stronger effect.

Promote special offers

POSM Display stand marketing is also a great way to promote certain products or highlight any ongoing campaigns you have in store. Point of purchase is the perfect place to showcase products or signage for offers detailing specific discounts, new products or seasonal campaigns.

Your staff is just as important. They need to be knowledgeable about active offers and promotions so they can inform customers about them once they arrive at the checkout. Make sure you train your staff on ongoing promotions and suggestive sales tactics to help motivate them to buy.

Make the most of POSM Display marketing

Retail space is limited. While you don’t want to overcrowd the space, you definitely want to use the store to promote your products and generate more sales. And this is where POSM Display marketing comes in, which is extremely useful. You create additional sales opportunities and increase sales.


POSM Display stands are a good way to provoke impulse purchases. If you can buy intuitive and well-designed POSM Display stands, you can significantly increase brand awareness and boost your sales revenue.

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