Wall Stickers

Appreciating the need to provide the best resolution for the stickers, technical solutions for the graphic design, we want to eliminate any limitation of creativity and expression of your brand values. From the earliest stages of the project development we provide our know-how through counseling services and you benefit from the services of our designers. Complete technical equipment, both regarding the printing with the help of the right technology for each product depending on its destination (water-based ink for posters, posters and paintings, latex for wallpaper and wall decoration, ecoSolvent or UV for windows graphic and car stickers), as well as regarding the automated finishing facilities (cutting on laser contour or with the mechanical router of CNC type), can create the premises for obtaining personalized stickers, in accordance with the most demanding standards. A very important aspect of printing and contouring stickers is the integration of print and cut functions in a single automated process. In this sense, the new equipment from the top range with industrial destination produced by Roland DG was put into operation (link additional details here: https://largeformat.globalprint.ro/print-ecosolvent/). This way the precision of the cut reaches the current technological maximum and your stickers will obtain the expected result.

Wall Stickers - Advantages

Depending on the budgets involved, you can opt for economic stickers with a minimum price level, recommended for short or one time campaigns, or for premium stickers that offer a multitude of advantages that make it possible to finally reach an even lower price compared to the period use and impact of the advertising message. The range of materials is complete, being possible to use all the materials available in the market, due to the in-house existence of all printing technologies. As an example, we recommend the transparent sticker made in Japan, which due to its properties completely eliminates the need to apply foils for protection against UV rays and scratches. Other pluses provided by these transparent stickers that are used as a window sticker are the lack of marks on its removal, the lack of bubbles on the application, etc.
The use of the appropriate digital printing technology made on good quality materials suitable for the product, support the granting of guarantees of up to 5 years for the personalized sticker and personalized stickers. All you have to do is ask us for information and we will answer you so that you can benefit from the know-how accumulated in over 15 years of activity.
Depending on the destination of the stickers or of the personalized stickers, we recommend choosing the optimal material so that, for example, those air bubbles do not appear when mounted on the window of your shop window, or do not end up in unwanted situations in which your visitors slip because a no slippery sticker specially created for the floor stickers was chosen or in order not to discolor the print of the glass sticker or the car sticker because the dedicated sticker was not used or for windows graphics was not used a protective foil of the best quality.

Windows Graphic

The Impact and with a high conversion effect, the promotion can be done directly on the showcase glass, both by applying personalized stickers or a personalized windows sticker of larger window sizes and by making the UV print directly on the glass. The UV print solution directly on the glass offers the advantage of completely eliminating the risk of installation error. A similar impact can be obtained by applying custom stickers printed on a sticker cut out of contour or cut rectangular. This way you can partially or completely decorate the window of your store for a longer period of time or only for certain promotions, in which case it is recommended to use a sticker with removable adhesive, which leaves no traces when removed.

Window Sticker & Windows Graphic - Premium materials

The materials used are recommended to be of the best quality, with protection from UV rays, so that the fading phenomenon does not occur in a period of fewer than 3-5 years, calculated according to the time of direct exposure to sunlight. The print with ecoSolvent ink or UV ink on premium materials, support the granting of guarantees of up to 5 years for the window sticker and personalized stickers applied directly on the glass of your shop window.
We recommend the use of the transparent sticker specially created for windows graphic applications, for its protective properties against discoloration due to direct exposure to UV rays and scratch resistance and various alcohol-based window washing solutions.
The window sticker can have irregular shapes, can be printed on any material available on the market (due to the in-house existence of all printing technologies), can be transparent or opaque. It should also be noted that any window sticker can be printed on one side or can have both sides personalized, depending on the particularities of each space.

Wall Decoration

Create the right environment with a minimum of effort! The attention paid to interior design is highly appreciated by your visitors. Flexible and scratch resistant, the digital latex ink print is the ideal solution for wallpaper, photo wallpaper, wall stickers, materials for decorating the walls of commercial and service spaces, restaurants, offices, etc. Not infrequently for shops, conference centers, restaurants and spaces for organizing events, it was desired to frequently change the message and images displayed. For such situations, there is the print solution on magnetic foil, foil that can be changed immediately by any platform. However, it is necessary to pre-treat the wall in that area, by applying a backing film with magnetic properties or applying a layer of paint that contains metal particles.
As a novelty, we present and propose you to integrate into the marketing mix personalized wall stickers and personalized photo wall stickers, printed on magnetic paper. Not infrequently for shops, conference centers, restaurants and spaces for organizing events, it was desired to frequently change the message and images displayed. For such situations, there is the print solution on magnetic foil, foil that can be changed immediately by any platform. However, it is necessary to pre-treat the wall in that area, by applying a backing film with magnetic properties or applying a layer of paint that contains metal particles.
A good wall decoration solution is also the wallpaper, photo wallpaper and personalized paintings. For more details, we invite you to visit the page dedicated to these wall decoration products.

Floor Decoration

floor sticker

Creating an advertising campaign for any brand is not an easy task. You need to think about the best ways to advertise your business, the cost of advertising and how to make a useful advertisement. Choosing floor stickers is a fun and cost-effective way to advertise your business in the real world. With a floor sticker you can get people's attention and thus, a floor sticker helps direct traffic to your store or can promote general awareness about a product or brand. Decorative floor labels are a versatile solution that can be used for events, in offices, outdoors and more! Print your text, graphics, or logo and attract customers' attention in a creative way. Today you can use print on the sticker to increase business awareness. Many large companies around the world take advantage of floor stickers to promote their business at a low cost. Printing a floor sticker is effortless and takes less time compared to another marketing medium.
Unprecedented and ingenious promotion on the floor of shops or malls, the printing of self-adhesive floor stickers involves overcoming technical challenges so that the mechanical strength of the stickers mounted on the floor is maintained for as long as possible. The key to obtaining a product that brings the expected results is to maintain intense and vibrant colors. To achieve these results, the protective foil applied over the personalized sticker must be of the best quality, and the installation must be done flawlessly, without air holes or imperfectly glued edges.

Floor decorations - versatility and advantages in product promotion

One of the best things about floor stickers is that they are extremely versatile. You can add a design on the floor sticker that your audience can easily notice and remember. Whether it's your logo, business messages, inspiration, advertising or anything else, you can get them easily, ready-made and extremely fast.
You can order floor stickers in different shapes, sizes and colors, that allow you to use them more flexibly in your business. On the other hand, a floor sticker with a three-dimensional image is high impact and can be used on any floor, including cement, stone, vinyl, etc. Below are some of the many uses and benefits of a floor sticker:

  • Stores and other outlets can use a floor sticker to guide consumers to optimal routes through sales areas or to other districts for cross-selling. These routes can also help highlight stocks of products for sale or premium, for upsell.
  • Get the attention of potential buyers: regardless of age, most people tend to look where they are going. A floor sticker takes advantage of this directional sense to optimize every second of the consumer's time to capture his attention.
  • Provide important safety information: Certain larger events may become crowded, increasing the likelihood of incidents. With a floor sticker, you can define walking lanes for parents with young and elderly children, helping to keep them safe. Also, to maintain the limit of discretion at the bank counter and to maintain social distance, these personalized stickers are the most effective.
  • Personalize your events: Weddings, balls and other significant personal events can benefit from a custom printed floor sticker.

    Custom Auto Stickers

The custom car stickers have grown rapidly in popularity for use in marketing in recent years. This effect is why custom car stickers can be such a powerful marketing tool. People are spending hours in the car every week, so interrupting their routine with custom car stickers can really help capture attention. So the question you should ask yourself is not whether you should choose custom car stickers but rather when should you make that choice? And, the answer to the last question should be "right now." If you are ready to print custom car stickers, but you are not sure where to start, we are ready to help you.
The efficient promotion using car stickers for your car park. The printing of car stickers involves overcoming some technical challenges, so as to obtain good resistance to repeated washing and discoloration due to direct exposure to sunlight of car stickers. The key to car customization is to bring the expected results by maintaining intense and vibrant colors. To achieve these results, the protective foil applied over the sticker or personalized sticker must be of very good quality, and the assembly must be done impeccably, without air gaps or imperfectly glued edges.

Custom Auto Stickers - Applications

Finally, we offer you some useful application ideas for:

  • Custom wall stickers - how useful it can be to use a sticker that leaves no marks on its removal from the wall and also has the property of being able to be glued to other walls repeatedly
  • Personalized wall stickers - imagine what impact a loyalty campaign could have for the customers of a supermarket, if when reaching a certain amount of shopping a wall sticker with a very attractive and funny graphic design for children will be offered for free! If we add the fact that it can be moved to another wall without leaving traces, the success of the campaign will be guaranteed.
  • Personalized car stickers - imagine what an impact a loyalty campaign could have for customers of a car fuel network, if at a certain number of refills will offer a free car sticker with a very attractive and funny graphic design!
  • Window sticker - printing on transparent PVC material can be very useful in the process of selling in industries such as furniture or refrigerator production. Imagine a showcase of a library that has applied a sticker on the window with various printed decorative objects so that the presentation is made as personal as possible and in a family environment. Imagine a refrigerator that when opened by a potential buyer notices that it is not empty, being introduced into an atmosphere known for vegetables, fruits, sausages and meat products that have been printed on transparent material to the realistic 3D effect is obtained.
  • Floor sticker - imagine what impact can have a simple strip, to keep the distance from the bank counter, if it has integrated a round area where a friendly character appears with a funny message that can make waiting for customers easier.

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