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The quality of the packaging you use speaks volumes about your business!

When you’re looking to start a new business or looking to improve your current business, there are a lot of things to think about. One of the most important aspects of any business is the product itself. You need to make sure you have a great product that people will want to buy. But it’s not just the product that matters, the packaging is also very important.

Most studies show that a third of your customers’ buying decisions are based on how your product packaging looks. This means that a large proportion of potential customers could lose interest if the packaging doesn’t grab their attention or convey your brand message well enough. Packaging therefore plays a very important role in marketing your brand.

Packaging can support your brand by communicating your brand values and create recognition – all factors that ultimately influence your sales. Therefore, you have a lot to gain by choosing carton packaging as part of your marketing with a well thought-out packaging strategy.

What is the purpose of carton packaging?

Carton packaging is highly adaptable and has a wide range of applications. The main purpose for carton packaging is to effectively protect goods or products that need to be shipped, stored or handled. This is a broad definition for carton packaging as it can be used to store a wide range of items, from electronic goods to household items.

Cardboard packaging as a marketing tool

The product is, of course, important because it is the core of your business. Consumers have increasingly high expectations of products. Your brand will only remain relevant to consumers if you can stand out and communicate your values.

Consumers see cardboard packaging as something that should surprise them, create excitement and maybe even be eco-friendly. It is no longer enough to market your product as the best. Packaging must also tell a good story.

How important is packaging when it comes to marketing your products?

Packaging is a critical factor in the recognition and perception of your brand. Most consumers form their brand perception based on cardboard packaging. Sometimes carton packaging is almost as important as the brand itself. Marketing your product is very important and can say a lot about branding, and if so many consumers base their brand perception on carton packaging, it becomes clear how much it matters.

From a marketing perspective, a carton pack is extremely important. Your customers may end up recognising your brand better and there’s also the opportunity to share their good experience with other consumers. In this way, you can create customer loyalty and have a special relationship with your customers. Customers can share their positive experience with your brand with others. In this way, you will benefit from excellent promotion of your products by your customers themselves.

You can choose personalised carton packaging, communicating meaningful brand messages. Packaging can give customers a unique experience when they receive and open your products. That’s why you need to see carton packaging as more than just a practicality, and instead start seeing it as a way to market your brand. When you choose great cardboard packaging, you can create an unforgettable experience for your customers. Most shoppers find that cardboard packaging has an impact on their perception of the brand and that customised cardboard packaging makes the brand look more luxurious.

How to use cardboard packaging as a marketing tool

When using carton packaging as a marketing tool, it is important to personalise the packaging experience by carefully selecting the type of carton and its quality. Customised packaging aims to add value to the customer and create a positive first impression of your brand.

There are many practical things you can do to create great cardboard packaging that will help you promote your brand. This can be anything from the design and look of the packaging itself, to things you can add to your carton packs such as stickers, a personalised note or your company logo.

You can use both the inside and outside of your packaging in your marketing. This can help highlight the benefits of your product. Why not take advantage of the importance of cardboard packaging and highlight your products? You can add text, graphics and customise them as you wish.

Create a well-thought-out packaging strategy

Instead of thinking short term, a carton packaging strategy can help you think long term and achieve high value. After all, a marketing strategy also means having a clear goal. Make carton packaging a meaningful part of your marketing. With carton packaging you can support your brand identity and it will be much easier to think of packaging as a marketing tool.

From a marketing perspective, a good strategy and quality carton packs can:

  • Increase awareness of your brand
  • Influence customer brand perception and purchasing decisions
  • Strengthen relationships with current and potential customers

Choose quality cardboard packaging

Creating a great customer experience with carton packaging is a complex task. That’s why a well thought-out packaging strategy is so important.

Consider the following:

Carton packaging should match your company’s visual identity and aesthetic (e.g. logo, print, colours, etc.).

  • Conveys your company’s messages
  • Reflect your company’s values, mission and vision
  • Be different from the competition and reinforce brand recognition
  • Optimise the overall customer experience.

Talk to our carton packaging specialists if you are looking for the right material for your packaging requirements. You’ll find a wide range of packaging materials and carton packaging solutions that are versatile and recyclable and, most importantly of all, environmentally friendly. You can find an innovative yet effective packaging solution to meet all your requirements, from plain carton packaging to customised packaging solutions.

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