Print on forex and other materials derived from PVC

Polyvinyl chloride, better known as PVC, is a material with numerous uses. PVC is just one of many varieties of plastic, but among the most popular used in all industries. PVC has also found its way into the printing industry. Combined with advanced technology and modern printing equipment, there are printers that can help you print any design on forex.

PVC is one of the oldest and most developed synthetic materials. If you choose print forex you will benefit from durable products. If in the past there were limited promotional products, now forex print is also used for digital printing, advertising banners, practically being able to print on almost any type of rigid material such as PVC and PVC derivatives: FOREX, FOAM, DISPA, STADUR, PLEXIGLASS, KAPP, ACRYLIC, POLYCARBONATE, etc;

Special color on the forex print

Choose print forex if you want an efficient color printing method. PVC is available in several colors. A FOGRA certified printing house is able to print custom colors to suit your requirements.


If you choose print forex it offers a wide range of customizable features, and color is something you can experiment with. You can choose to mix different colors and tones to get a unique color. Accurate reproduction of Pantone colors according to brand identity is one of the main challenges of the printing industry. The FOGRA certification will guarantee you the implementation of the most demanding requirements throughout the forex print process, so that a correct and constant colorimetry is obtained throughout the print run and very importantly, from one job to another.


If you need a design that will last a long time, then forex print is the right choice. For the correct reproduction of colors on mass-dyed materials, apply 1 or 2 coats of white on the entire surface to be printed.

Digital print on forex and other materials derived from pvc

A popular method of printing on forex and other PVC derivatives is digital printing. With its flawless accuracy, design and finish, digital printing will take any custom graphic design to perfection.

The result of digital forex printing is efficient, versatile and cost-effective. Forex print can have various uses, from advertising banners, promotional materials and outdoor print. Here are some of the key features of digital forex printing:


Digital printing is fast. Most of the work goes into creating the design, but when it’s done, digital printing takes very little time. In addition, the finished products are ready for immediate use.


As simple and obvious as it may seem in the current technological context, personalization through digital printing on rigid materials is still a challenge for the printing industry. In principle, digital printers with UV ink, especially the high-end ones, can print on any rigid and flexible material in the roll.

PVC banners and derivative materials can be printed in any way you want, because the design can be customized. You can choose any colors, fonts, sizes and other design elements you want, depending on your preferences.


Digital printing is the perfect solution for any project. When you invest in forex print, its durability gives you lasting value. Products made of forex and materials derived from PVC are resistant to scratches. They can withstand high levels of humidity, making them great for outdoor use. The plastic retains its color well, so constant exposure to natural and artificial light will not cause discoloration. For example, a PVC banner is made of a robust material that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


PVC and derivatives can be cut into flat sheets of any size, thickness and color. Cutting PVC into unique shapes is quick and easy. Embedding logos, images and other graphics is easy if you choose print forex. This versatility makes PVC extremely popular for a wide range of purposes:

The products made are light

One of the biggest benefits of using PVC for is its rigid yet lightweight structure. Products printed on forex and other materials derived from PVC are easy to transport and easy to display.


The benefits of versatility, durability and mobility do not mean much if the forex print will be extreme but it is not the case. Forex products and PVC-derived materials, including those in custom shapes and colors, are affordable for marketing budgets. Working with a printing house specialized in forex printing is the best solution if you want to reduce your costs. An experienced printing company can help you decide on the shape, size and color of the products you want, so you get more value from them.

High quality

PVC and its derivatives are extremely reliable and known for vivid image quality. Despite the relatively low cost of PVC and derivative products, you get a professional look. PVC is great for vibrant colors and high resolution images. The standard matte finish reduces glare from natural and artificial light, which is important to the aesthetic value of the promotional products you choose. Customers may not think about it consciously, but professional-looking posters that aren’t faded or tattered help them feel comfortable doing business with you.

Fast production

If you are in a hurry, then print forex is the best option for you because you will have the products ready extremely quickly. All you have to do is make sure you choose the right design for printing.

There are many different marketing tools that can be used these days, including forex print products. Printing on forex and other materials derived from PVC offers numerous advantages.

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