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Production of light boxes

We customize light boxes made of textile or plastic derived materials, both single and double-sided. In both variants, the defining factors to achieve a powerfull effect are the gamut and the intensity of the colors. In order to achieve the best values in the process of customizing light boxes, in addition to the backlight profile of a high performance RIP software, top performance equipment is also required, as new and with a greater number of colors as possible.

The light boxes are made of anodized aluminum profiles with standard depth of 10-12 cm or ultra slim with a depth of only 4.5 cm. For illumination, state-of-the-art perimeter LED modules are used in the case of standard profiles and special LED modules with magnifying glass for 360 degree light scattering, in the case of ultra slim profiles. For perfect tensioning, quick installation and easy print change, the backlight canvas fabric of the light box will have a silicone casing perimeter.

The versatility of the modular connection solution and the reduced weight of the aluminum profiles, allows to reach large dimensions, regardless of whether there are light boxes to be mounted in the window, stand-alone light boxes that will be mounted with support leg for floors or will be hung by the ceiling. Moreover, due to the unique assembly principle, light boxes with special shapes, such as circle, oval, semicircle, hexagon or triangle can also be made.


Banner Cross is a display created specifically for visible and perfectly flat messages. The poster’s height is flexible and can be adjusted up to 2 m giving visibility to the advertising banner.

We print any kind of personalized banner for indoor exposure. If you want to print a polyplane banner, a backlit banner or a banner printed on both sides, these can be made using latex print technology.

Roll up banner

A custom roll up is the ideal solution for displaying an advertising message when the ease of installation is a real asset. A roll up banner consists of a lightweight aluminum frame and the custom banner, made of a synthetic textile material, such as polypropylene.

The customization of the roll-up display systems is made using the latest latex ink printing, technologies, to obtain the highest quality roll-up banners, flexible and scratch resistant.

Windows decorations and windows graphics

When it comes to promoting your business and your brand, every window in the store is an opportunity. With today's technology and materials, window graphic makes advertising real easy. With a window decoration print, you can improve the look of your spaces, make it easier for passers-by, communicate with customers and improve your brand's reputation.

Windows graphics helps you to improve the look of your store. "Frozen" and shaped graphics can create a cozy feel for cafes and stores and look much better than old-fashioned graphics or classic blinds. Similarly, choosing a full-color window print decoration service can illustrate the products you are selling, displaying them in an attractive setting, and hiding the store in the background. In this way, you will create a tempting air of mystery about what you offer.

If image is important to your business, using window graphic to make the place more attractive can also improve the perceived value of your brand. Models can be smart, flirty, contemporary, nostalgic, fun or serious. Regardless of the image you need, there are many windows decoration print solutions in Bucharest. In addition, you can choose a window graphic template that contains your company logo, colors and fonts so you can highlight your brand and place it directly on the main street.

Perhaps the most important thing about print windows decoration is that in addition to branding and decorating, you can use window graphics and glass doors to inform customers about the products you sell, the services you offer, your opening hours, website addresses, email and your phone number. They can be used to attract customers or help them get in contact through another channel if the store is closed.

If you want to place an advertisement elsewhere, not only will you have to pay for the ad, you will have to pay someone else to display it for you. So, compared to placing advertising material on bus stations and other places in the city, with windows decoration print you can save money by placing it in your own location.

Other advertising materials

Easy Swap presentation support - is the optimal choice if you want to display messages printed on hard materials in a creative way. Insert the PVC plate printed with your message in the aluminum support and secure it with the system with which it is fitted.

Poster Trap presentation support - an economical and easy-to-use product for creatively displaying messages printed on hard materials.

Wall brochure holder cocktail - innovative and versatile brochure holder, made of an aluminum profile, which is fixed to the wall, and transparent acrylic pockets, which are mounted on the aluminum profile. It can be displayed in various places such as: offices, banks, schools, hospitals, hotels, etc.

Office support with display pockets - for various small printed advertising materials, molded plastic product, transparent and very good quality.

Its construction style gives this dispenser a very good stability, and the material from which it is produced ensures a very good resistance to breaking

Visual Info Stand - it is particularly suitable for restaurants and terraces.

Textile display systems - Jumbo stand type (the telescopic structure it has, allows to adjust them in height and width) or supports for flag (sail) - an efficient way for both indoor and outdoor advertising. They are suitable for sporting events, car showrooms, restaurants and cafes.

Notice boards - presentation box for advertising messages, made of very good quality aluminum, with transparent backside made of cork, felt or magnet.
Tablet supports

Door plate made of 25 mm aluminum profile, with elegant appearance, which can be used indoor and outdoor, in public areas (schools, offices, hospitals, etc.).

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